Kitchen Corner Ideas: 10+ Inspiring Ideas to Maximize Hub Space

Every room in a house will have an empty space that can be useful if you make it as creative as possible. The more you make it functional, the more you save the budget from buying additional storage whether cabinetries or cupboards. Of course, this includes a kitchen where you will need a lot of space to put your kitchenware.

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To give you an ultimate reference, we’ve compiled some kitchen corner ideas just for you!

Best Kitchen Corner Ideas

Kitchen Corner Ideas: Spices Gallery Wall

Kitchen Corner Ideas 1

If the corner of the kitchen has a spacious spot, you might want to make it a gallery wall to stack some stuff like spices, cereals, and the most used tableware.

Kitchen Corner Ideas: Small Corner Shelf

Kitchen Corner Ideas 2

Here is another small space that can be filled in with a small floating shelf for various stuff like tableware, big kitchenware, and other stuff.

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Kitchen Corner Ideas: Luxurious Marble Accent

Kitchen Corner Ideas 3

Having a matching marble material for the backsplash and countertop can make this spot looks more attractive and luxurious. The wood accents also add a warmer look.

Kitchen Corner Ideas: Earthy Rustic Corner

Kitchen Corner Ideas 4

Using dark wood as a floating shelf can make this corner looks more eye-catching. Again, even a simple shelf can be useful so you don’t have to spend more money to buy additional storage.

Kitchen Corner Ideas: Elegant Modern Rustic

Kitchen Corner Ideas 5

If you love to match the concept of the corner with the whole kitchen finish, an open shelf is a great example. You will just need to make it sleek and simple to get a perfect overall look.

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Kitchen Corner Ideas: Fresh Green Corner

Kitchen Corner Ideas 6

Putting indoor plants is a common way to freshen the air so you can combine both the plants and some stuff that you use often in a kitchen on floating shelves.

Kitchen Corner Ideas: Unique Hidden Corner

Kitchen Corner Ideas 7

Instead of making a new corner feature, you would want to buy a cabinet set with a lazy susan or small storage for a more functional and practical feature to ease your work.

Kitchen Corner Ideas: Functional Secret Corner

Kitchen Corner Ideas 8

In this idea, there’s a hidden place in the kitchen that can be one of the functional spots. In this spot, you can put bigger stuff like woven baskets, a coffee maker, and others that also work as a pantry.

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Kitchen Corner Ideas: Chic Floating Shelves

Kitchen Corner Ideas 9

Simple L-shaped floating shelves made of wood in this idea might look simple but it can be very useful to place some decoration to beautify the empty space in the corner.

Kitchen Corner Ideas: Simple Open Shelves

Kitchen Corner Ideas 10

Open shelves are one of the simplest ways to fill in an empty space. This way you have total control to arrange the stuff that you need. Therefore, you can find them easily within your sight.

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Pick the best kitchen corner idea that suits your needs and start making one for yourself now!

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