Kitchen Island Ideas: 10+ Multifunctional Feature to Consider

A kitchen island is one of the popular features that many homeowners feel the need to have. It doesn’t only give an attractive look but also can be a helpful and functional feature for additional storage. Before adding an island, you will have to make sure of the purpose of adding it; whether for cooking or food prep. Therefore, you can also determine the best top material for it.

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For your reference, we have prepared some best kitchen island ideas just for you down below!

Best Kitchen Island Ideas

Kitchen Island Ideas: Stylish Minimalist Island

Kitchen Island Ideas 1

A perfect kitchen island that suits best with a minimalist concept home with a black stone countertop. A stone countertop is one of the best heat-resistant materials that will make your cooking experience go smoothly.

Kitchen Island Ideas: Chic Simple Island

Kitchen Island Ideas 2

Even a simple small kitchen island can improve the look of a kitchen. An additional feature like a sink can be very helpful to wash small items like fruits or vegetables.

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Kitchen Island Ideas: Stunning Earthy Island

Kitchen Island Ideas 3

Having a matching kitchen island with other furniture can create a more stunning look. Just like this island, a white top matches the backsplash while the wooden base blends with the floor and lower cabinets.

Kitchen Island Ideas: Cozy Open Kitchen

Kitchen Island Ideas 4

Homeowners who have an open-plan kitchen are still able to have an island as long as there’s space between each piece of furniture for people to walk around.

Kitchen Island Ideas: Simple Square Island

Kitchen Island Ideas 5

Another option that you can use is a square island which is a perfect choice if you want to place it in a certain spot without filling up the whole kitchen.

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Kitchen Island Ideas: Decorative Marble Island

Kitchen Island Ideas 6

This farmhouse island with a marble top becomes the centerpiece and attention-grabber in this kitchen. A beautiful marble accent completes the elegance that this kitchen radiates.

Kitchen Island Ideas: Cool Monochromatic Look

Kitchen Island Ideas 7

A minimalist island with a black base that matches well with the other surrounding. Adding some chairs makes the area looks cozier and perfect an additional dining spot.

Kitchen Island Ideas: Two-Tier Kitchen Island

Kitchen Island Ideas 8

A two-tier kitchen island is also a quite popular and common style that some people use. It’s also a perfect one if you’re the type who loves to hang around a kitchen or a parent who likes to watch your children doing their homework while you cook.

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Kitchen Island Ideas: Breathtaking White Island

Kitchen Island Ideas 9

An island with a sink feature and some drawers that are perfect to give multiple purposes at once. Using a marble top, it gives an elegant and stunning overall look.

Kitchen Island Ideas: Elegant Farmhouse Island

Kitchen Island Ideas 10

This kitchen island with a marble countertop gives an aesthetically pleasing look that is perfect if you want to use it for food prep. Choosing a black base also adds a beautiful accent.

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Now you are set to add an island to your kitchen and make it looks more eye-catching and functional!




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