Kitchen Wood Ideas: 19+ Exhilarating Inspirations You Have to Try

kitchen wood ideas

As the hub of the house, a kitchen has an important role not only for cooking and preparing a meal but also to connect with other people. It’s because nowadays, a kitchen is often used as a place to gather around and getting close to each other. Therefore, it’s always a great idea to make it looks as attractive as possible by choosing an exhilarating concept and materials.

Among many materials that homeowners use to decorate their houses, wood is probably the most common one. It’s because wood is like neutral shades that will blend well with other materials in any concept. For example, you can easily find wood in the rustic, farmhouse, vintage, industrial, and Scandinavian interior designs. It also helps to tone down, brighten, and warm up a room filled with dark shade.

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We have compiled dozens of kitchen wood ideas that you can try right away if you are planning to redecorate your own kitchen!

Best Kitchen Wood Ideas

Kitchen Wood Ideas: Modern Sleek Kitchen

Kitchen Wood Ideas: Modern Sleek Kitchen

As stated above that wood can blend very well with any concept just like this modern kitchen. White shade and white marble indeed brighten up this black kitchen. However, to add a warmer accent to this bold and cool atmosphere, add wood elements inside. Even with a small touch whether for cabinetries or an island, it gives a softer look.

Kitchen Wood Ideas: Lovely Wooden Cabinets

Kitchen Wood Ideas: Lovely Wooden Cabinets

There are many kinds of wood with beautiful natural colors you can choose like pine, beech, ash, oak, maple, walnut, mahogany, and others. Choosing a certain wood depends on the needs and taste of the homeowners. Just like this kitchen, it has beautiful cabinetries sets in maple wood that gives a soft Scandinavian look.

Kitchen Wood Ideas: Beautiful Earthy Vibe

Kitchen Wood Ideas: Beautiful Earthy Vibe

Isn’t this kitchen look so beautiful? It may look simple but yes, that’s the point! These floating open wooden block shelves give a warm Scandinavian and farmhouse vibe. Another point that catches our attention is the backsplash that is also made of wood planks. Not to mention the cabinets with maple wood materials that perfect the overall look.

Kitchen Wood Ideas: Amazing Earthy Look

Kitchen Wood Ideas: Amazing Earthy Look

The wood is dominating both this open plan kitchen and dining area in a beautiful natural color. The wooden crates accent is covering the island and upper cabinet. Even the open shelves also look captivating that gives a soft and warm atmosphere.

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Keep scrolling down to see more amazing kitchen wood ideas to warm your kitchen.

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Using wood whether as the main material or an accent in a kitchen is a great idea to enhance the look of your kitchen. Just pick the best idea and wood type that suits your taste and needs and start redecorating your kitchen now!

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