Minimalist Kitchen Ideas: 25+ Simple Ideas for Your Modern Home

Minimalist Kitchen Ideas

As the hub of the house, a kitchen is one of the important parts that you have to make as comfortable as possible. No matter how big a kitchen that you have, it will only make your kitchen looks clutter if you don’t decorate it with a good balance. Among various home designs that you can find on the internet, the minimalist design will never get old due to its simplicity. It’s also a good concept that is suitable for a homeowner who has a small and narrow area.

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To help you choose the right minimalist style for your kitchen, we have picked some best minimalist kitchen ideas for your reference!

Best Minimalist Kitchen Ideas

Minimalist Kitchen Ideas: Simple Small Kitchen

Minimalist Kitchen Ideas: Simple Small Kitchen

Using an all-white decorating style may look boring for some people but it’s one of the best neutral colors that can make any room looks wider. The domination of white from the cabinetries, bar, countertop, floor, and backsplash create an elegant overall look. To make it looks more stunning, install modern and simple pendant lightings above the countertop.

Minimalist Kitchen Ideas: Cozy Open Plan

Minimalist Kitchen Ideas: Cozy Open Plan

Using an open plan is one of the best options that you can use if you have a small area. This open kitchen that is located next to the dining area looks so neat and cozy. With the combination of a kitchen island with a sink and chairs as additional sitting features, it can be a cozy spot to enjoy the meal while chit-chatting.

Minimalist Kitchen Ideas: Modern Rustic Kitchen

Minimalist Kitchen Ideas: Modern Rustic Kitchen

Another open kitchen with a rustic concept that many people love due to its captivating wood material. Unique wooden top and bottom cabinets definitely become the attention-grabber in this kitchen. Moreover, modern and simple lighting fixtures enhance the modern vibe of this kitchen.

Minimalist Kitchen Ideas: Chic Galley Kitchen

Minimalist Kitchen Ideas: Chic Galley Kitchen

This kitchen gives a slightly industrial vibe from the gray backsplash with a concrete or cement overall look. To soften this ‘bold’ accent, pastel cabinets and wooden flooring are good options to choose from. Since it’s located next to the window, it gives enough lighting exposure.

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Minimalist Kitchen Ideas 6


Minimalist Kitchen Ideas 7


Minimalist Kitchen Ideas 8


Minimalist Kitchen Ideas 9


Minimalist Kitchen Ideas 10


Minimalist Kitchen Ideas 11

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Just keep scrolling down to see more attractive minimalist kitchen ideas that you can try right away!

Minimalist Kitchen Ideas 12


Minimalist Kitchen Ideas 13


Minimalist Kitchen Ideas 14


Minimalist Kitchen Ideas 15


Minimalist Kitchen Ideas 16


Minimalist Kitchen Ideas 17


Minimalist Kitchen Ideas 18

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Minimalist Kitchen Ideas 19


Minimalist Kitchen Ideas 20


Minimalist Kitchen Ideas 21


Minimalist Kitchen Ideas 22


Minimalist Kitchen Ideas 23


Minimalist Kitchen Ideas 24


Minimalist Kitchen Ideas 25

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Well, those are minimalist kitchen ideas that you can use as your reference if you are planning to get a neat yet elegant kitchen. A minimalist concept usually uses neutral shades and less bulky furniture and kitchen appliances. You can still get an island or bar but not a big one.

Just pick the best minimalist kitchen idea that suits your style, budget, and needs and start redecorating your current kitchen now!

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