Minimalist Kitchen Ideas: 10+ Captivating Designs to Steal

As the hub of the house, a kitchen is one of the important parts that you have to make as comfortable as possible. Among various home designs that you can find on the internet, the minimalist design will never get old due to its simplicity. It’s also a good concept that is suitable for a homeowner who has a small and narrow area.

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To help you choose the right minimalist style for your kitchen, we’ve picked some best minimalist kitchen ideas for your reference!

Best Minimalist Kitchen Ideas

Minimalist Kitchen Ideas: Simple Small Kitchen

Minimalist Kitchen Ideas 1

White is one of the best neutral colors that can make any room looks wider. The domination of white from the cabinetries, bar, countertop, floor, and backsplash create an elegant overall look.

Minimalist Kitchen Ideas: Cozy Open Plan

Minimalist Kitchen Ideas 2

The open plan is one of the best options to make a small area look neater and cozier. The combination of a kitchen island with a sink and chairs as additional sitting features creates a cozy additional spot.

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Minimalist Kitchen Ideas: Modern Rustic Kitchen

Minimalist Kitchen Ideas 3

Unique wooden top and bottom cabinets definitely become the attention-grabber in this kitchen. Moreover, modern and simple lighting fixtures enhance the modern vibe of this kitchen.

Minimalist Kitchen Ideas: Chic Galley Kitchen

Minimalist Kitchen Ideas 4

This kitchen gives a slightly industrial vibe from the gray backsplash with a concrete or cement overall look. Pastel cabinets and wooden flooring help the room look more balanced.

Minimalist Kitchen Ideas: Stylish Modern Look

Minimalist Kitchen Ideas 5

The minimalist design will make your kitchen looks stylish as well due to its simplicity. A small island and some black accents beautify the space even more.

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Minimalist Kitchen Ideas: Elegant and Simple

Minimalist Kitchen Ideas 6

Instead of making it matte, you might want to try a glossy finish for some spots so it’s more reflecting and create a wide illusion of the bright neutral tones furniture.

Minimalist Kitchen Ideas: Stunning White Kitchen

Minimalist Kitchen Ideas 7

White will never fail to make any room looks wider and larger. For people who love neutral tones and to make it looks warmer, add a wood accent whether for the island or cabinetries.

Minimalist Kitchen Ideas: Chic Rustic Look

Minimalist Kitchen Ideas 8

Another minimalist kitchen idea that will make your kitchen looks organized and cozy with its layout, colors, and accents. Woods are definitely the best materials to create a warm and cozy atmosphere.

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Minimalist Kitchen Ideas: Attractive Farmhouse Style

Minimalist Kitchen Ideas 9

Of course, when it comes to minimalist designs, neutral shades are the best deals. Instead, to make it looks less plain and boring, create an accent by using tiles for the backsplash.

Minimalist Kitchen Ideas: Striking Marble Accent

Minimalist Kitchen Ideas 10

This kitchen gives that Scandinavian vibe from the light wood on the cabinets but also modernism that comes from a marble island and cozy chairs.

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Just pick the best minimalist kitchen idea that suits your style, budget, and needs, and start redecorating your current kitchen now!

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