Traditional Living Room Ideas: 10+ Classic Designs to Steal

When we talk about a traditional decorating style, we will automatically be thinking about a specific area for a certain room, unlike an open plan like nowadays. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with using a traditional decor style but nowadays, you would want to add bolder accents, patterns, and pop colors to make it looks more updated and decorative.

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To break your comfort zone, we have compiled some best traditional living room ideas that will inspire you!

Best Traditional Living Room Ideas

Traditional Living Room Ideas: Elegant Pop Color

Traditional Living Room Ideas 1

Don’t be afraid to use pop colors in your living room even just for an accent. In this image, a yellow curtain and a patterned ottoman coffee table add more dimensions and look more decorative.

Traditional Living Room Ideas: Striking Green Accent

Traditional Living Room Ideas 2

One of the simplest ways to get out of a traditional style is by using bold furniture colors like these green sofas. To tone down the boldness, use a lighter shade for the rug and walls.

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Traditional Living Room Ideas: Beautiful Bold Mix

Traditional Living Room Ideas 3

One of the ways to make an extraordinary living room is by mixing bold patterns with vibrant colors as shown in this living room with a patterned rug, yellow curtains, and navy walls.

Traditional Living Room Ideas: Chic Lime Green

Traditional Living Room Ideas 4

Again, having a living room with neutral shades is not a crime. To make it look more decorative and lively, bring out some cushions with bright colors and patterns.

Traditional Living Room Ideas: Stylish Contemporary Decor

Traditional Living Room Ideas 5

This living room gives a contemporary and mid-century feeling from the sleek and unmatching bold furniture in green, navy blue, and light maroon. Moreover, the accent of the wall enhances it even more.

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Traditional Living Room Ideas: Captivating Formal Nuance

Traditional Living Room Ideas 6

A formal living room is usually filled with neutral shades so to break the lines, adding colorful wall decor and bold cushions can be a great help to improve the look.

Traditional Living Room Ideas: Earthy Rustic Industrial

Traditional Living Room Ideas 7

For people who love to add a more realistic item to their living room, instead of playing with colors, make a bolder move by making a concrete fireplace and some wood here and there.

Traditional Living Room Ideas: Elegant Coastal Nuance

Traditional Living Room Ideas 8

This one is a perfect example of an upgraded traditional living room that contains all the colors, patterns, and textures and creates a beautiful striking finish.

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Traditional Living Room Ideas: Cool Neutral Ambiance

Traditional Living Room Ideas 9

Still not sure about using vibrant colors? No worries because you can still go with neutral shades and bring some textures and patterns for the rug and mix the color of the furniture.

Traditional Living Room Ideas: Fresh Nautical Decor

Traditional Living Room Ideas 10

Combining blue and white will never disappoint you to create a fresh and breezy beachy look. Also, instead of using a regular white sofa, use one in a light blue with some throw cushions.

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Now pick the best idea that matches your personal taste and get out of your comfort design right now!

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