Living Room Wallpaper Ideas: 20+ Chic Ideas for Stylish Room

Living Room Wallpaper Ideas

Sometimes, we want to create a different feel and get a new atmosphere for a living room, where we gather with family members and friends. However, it’s also difficult to get a style that we want because using paint only can be boring.

At this time, wallpaper can be a big help because by using it, we can get an instant result for any style. From a simple pattern and color to the colorful and vibrant one. Of course, not all homeowners love this method due to its durability and price.

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For your reference, we have compiled some best living room wallpaper ideas that you can steal if you are planning to use wallpaper for your living room

Best Living Room Wallpaper Ideas

Living Room Wallpaper Ideas: Eye-Catching Decorative Spot

Living Room Wallpaper Ideas: Eye-Catching Decorative Spot

It’s definitely alright to use wallpaper only on a certain spot because it can become the focal point of the room. In this contemporary living room, the wallpaper doesn’t cover the whole area but it covers one area instead. You might want to use wallpaper in the area where you put decor items or as the background behind the TV.

Living Room Wallpaper Ideas: Soft Shabby Chic

Living Room Wallpaper Ideas: Soft Shabby Chic

Soft and pastel shades are usually used to represent the shabby chic concept. If you have a shabby chic living room and want to use a soft color other than white that is not too vibrant, pink pastel or blush pink can be a good choice. It’s also good to choose the one with a subtle pattern that is not too flashy or big to balance the big floral rug.

Living Room Wallpaper Ideas: Lovely Cherry Blossoms

Living Room Wallpaper Ideas: Lovely Cherry Blossoms

Another idea that looks stunning in an elegant vibe is by using a lovely cherry blossom patterned wallpaper. Choosing wallpaper with small patterns is a good way to make the room looks eye-catching without making it looks too stuffy.  Although the room looks simple, a crystal chandelier adds elegance to this spot.

Living Room Wallpaper Ideas: Bold Festive Wallpaper

Living Room Wallpaper Ideas: Bold Festive Wallpaper

For people who love vibrant colors and bold patterns, this idea might excite you. Not only the wall, but the bold colors also dominates the ceiling. On the wall, peachy pink wallpaper with vertical patterns beautifies the area that matches the sofa. Meanwhile, colorful and vibrant colors are covering the ceiling that makes the room brighter.

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Living Room Wallpaper Ideas 5


Living Room Wallpaper Ideas 6


Living Room Wallpaper Ideas 7


Living Room Wallpaper Ideas 8


Living Room Wallpaper Ideas 9

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You have still not found the one that catches your attention? No worries, we still have some inspirations left below so check them out!

Living Room Wallpaper Ideas 10


Living Room Wallpaper Ideas 11


Living Room Wallpaper Ideas 12


Living Room Wallpaper Ideas 13


Living Room Wallpaper Ideas 14


Living Room Wallpaper Ideas 15

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Living Room Wallpaper Ideas 16


Living Room Wallpaper Ideas 17


Living Room Wallpaper Ideas 18


Living Room Wallpaper Ideas 19


Living Room Wallpaper Ideas 20

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If you have a dream wallpaper, then it must be time for you to buy some!

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