Industrial Living Room Ideas: 25+ Chic Inspirations to Create Trendy Look

Choosing certain home decor can be quite confusing and tricky because there are a lot of them out there that have each characteristic and charm. One of the modern designs that you might be interested in is industrial design. This design mostly uses a raw, rough, and unfinished overall look that of course, might not everyone’s taste. Some examples that look standout from this design are uncovered pipes, concrete or cement finish, metal, iron, exposed bricks, and others.

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Below we have collected dozens of industrial living room ideas that you can copy immediately if you are planning to get a stylish living room.

Best Industrial Living Room Ideas

Industrial Living Room Ideas: Jaw-Dropping Raw Look

Industrial Living Room Ideas: Jaw-Dropping Raw Look

Here we have an industrial living room with dazzling features from an exposed brick wall, wooden flooring, and exposed pipes on the ceiling. A sectional sofa and a few chairs have various colors but still in the same color scheme with the surroundings.

Industrial Living Room Ideas: Simple Industrial Look

Industrial Living Room Ideas: Simple Industrial Look

Unlike the previous idea that looks quite bold, this one looks quite simple and minimalist. A brown leather sofa looks quite simple among the minimalist layout that this living room has. Though the ceiling and flooring finish looks quite bold, the painted brick wall tone it down and makes it looks brighter.

Industrial Living Room Ideas: Stylish Masculine Room

Industrial Living Room Ideas: Stylish Masculine Room

This living room is suitable for people who love a dark and masculine shade like black. A shining velvet sofa, painted wall, and even a rug create such a great combination. Some ways to make a dark living room look brighten is by adding a bright curtain and enough lighting.

Industrial Living Room Ideas: Elegant Decor Items

Industrial Living Room Ideas: Elegant Decor Items

Another way to make a bold room looks softer is by adding elegant decor items, whether it’s a lighting fixture, wall decor or indoor plants. With a concrete background behind the sofa, soft lightings beautify the area to make it looks less bold.

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Industrial Living Room Ideas 5




Industrial Living Room Ideas 7


Industrial Living Room Ideas 8


Industrial Living Room Ideas 9


Industrial Living Room Ideas 10


Industrial Living Room Ideas 11

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Are you still looking for another stylish industrial living room ideas? We have some left below so check them out!

Industrial Living Room Ideas 12


Industrial Living Room Ideas 13


Industrial Living Room Ideas 14


Industrial Living Room Ideas 15




Industrial Living Room Ideas 17


Industrial Living Room Ideas 18

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Industrial Living Room Ideas 19


Industrial Living Room Ideas 20


Industrial Living Room Ideas 21


Industrial Living Room Ideas 22


Industrial Living Room Ideas 23


Industrial Living Room Ideas 24


Industrial Living Room Ideas 25

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Choosing the industrial concept to use in a living room is a great idea to create a modern vibe. Well, for people who love a neat and simple room, this concept might not for them. This concept might look messy and quite difficult to achieve for some people, but for some others, it looks aesthetically pleasing.

If you feel like your living room looks and feels too plain, it might be the sign that it’s the time for you to change the look. So, decide your favorite industrial concept, grab your tool, and change your living room vibe now!

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