Swimming Pool Inspiration Ideas: 10+ Stunning Ideas to Copy

Who doesn’t want to have a swimming pool in their houses? A swimming pool is one of the popular water features that many homeowners want to have, especially those who love aquatic activities. Of course, the maintenance process won’t be easy but it doesn’t make homeowners skip this feature in their home improvement list.

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For those who love swimming pools and are looking for inspiration, we have ten stunning ideas you have to see now!

Swimming Pool Inspiration Ideas

Swimming Pool Inspiration: Beautiful Simple Pool

Swimming Pool Inspiration Ideas 1

A simple and classic rectangle pool is suitable for any backyard size and home concept. Just like this idea, the pool is right in the backyard and looks stylish with a glass fence that blends well with the natural elements.

Swimming Pool Inspiration: Minimalist Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool Inspiration Ideas 2

If you love a swimming pool with a simple design, this idea can be a good choice to consider. A minimalist long pool with a wooden deck will look good for your minimalist house or backyard.

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Swimming Pool Inspiration: Simple Earthy Deck

Swimming Pool Inspiration Ideas 3

Here is another idea that you can try if you don’t have excavator-friendly ground by making an above-ground concept with wood as its base. For extra protection, install a fence with materials that you like.

Swimming Pool Inspiration: Chic Small Pool

Swimming Pool Inspiration Ideas 4

Again, another idea of a small pool for a small outdoor space with a concept that suits the shape of the backyard. You can also add other items like a patio umbrella, sunbeds, and other stuff.

Swimming Pool Inspiration: Fresh Tropical Nuance

Swimming Pool Inspiration Ideas 5

Create your own resort by stealing this swimming pool idea that combines every natural element that goes perfectly with the emerald blue water.  The lounge area on the side adds more coziness to this spot.

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Swimming Pool Inspiration: Stunning Pool View

Swimming Pool Inspiration Ideas 6

If you’re not into a big pool and will use it just for fun, you might want to steal this idea of an L-shaped pool. Add some sunbeds and plants to make its surroundings look fresh yet relaxing.

Swimming Pool Inspiration: Breathtaking Square Pool

Swimming Pool Inspiration Ideas 7

A square pool is one of the options that you can choose for a more compact look. Just like this idea, the pool also has a spa area on the top side so it’s easier to access this spot if you want to switch to one another.

Swimming Pool Inspiration: Unique Pool Layout

Swimming Pool Inspiration Ideas 8

This one is definitely a unique pool layout where it’s built above or behind the seating area. It’s another idea that you can try if you have a long rectangle-shaped backyard shape.

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Swimming Pool Inspiration: Classic Rustic Vibe

Swimming Pool Inspiration Ideas 9

This spot is like the oasis that will freshen your outdoors with an inground pool, rustic wooden fence, a wooden built-in bench, and a tree that will become everyone’s favorite spot.

Swimming Pool Inspiration: Calming Neutral Shades

Swimming Pool Inspiration Ideas 10

This small swimming pool surrounded by white wood materials looks so calming and elegant. This concept matches perfectly for a house with farmhouse, Scandinavian, or minimalist concepts.

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Now, choose the one that you like and start planning to build one now!

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