Inground Swimming Pool Ideas: 22+ Designs to Steal

Building some additions in your backyard always sounds like a very good idea to make your home become a very joyful place to stay. As a part of your exterior area, you can add some features to provide some entertaining spots which are not only you can enjoy, but all the family member as well.

There are various options that you can keep in mind like the patio, deck, outdoor kitchen, water features and so on. They will never fail to turn your backyard into an enjoyable outdoor living space that will entertain everyone.

When it comes to a water feature, swimming pool is an option that you can’t miss. In fact, it’s the most popular water feature which is always everyone’s favorite since ages ago. The benefits that a swimming pool offer always attract many homeowners to add it to the features of their home.

As you may have known, a swimming pool is not only a water feature which adds a beautiful aesthetic appeal but also provides a fun spot to do some fun aquatic activities. You can use the pool as the exercise feature or simply to relax your body and mind.

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The pools with inground installation are still the famous option up until today. Below, we have lots of inspiring inground swimming pool ideas which are perfect for your minimalist home.

Best Inground Swimming Pool Ideas

Inground Swimming Pool: Cozy Small Design

Inground Swimming Pool: Cozy Small Design

A rectangular swimming pool ins installed in this small backyard which is enough to become a very fun water feature. A small patio with some relaxing mattresses completes the feature of the pool which works as the chilling spot after soaking your body in the pool. The bamboo and concrete fence which surrounds the backyard brings the style of the area in a very stunning way.

Inground Swimming Pool: Fresh Tropical Decor

Inground Swimming Pool: Fresh Tropical Decor

Tons of banana trees which decorate this backyard create a very exhilarating tropical atmosphere around this backyard. A small rectangular swimming pool with rustic design is the main focal point of the yard which grabs most of the attention. It looks so beautiful with the concrete tiles for its construction. For sure, it’s a simple backyard decor which is so worth to copy.

Inground Swimming Pool: Simple Stylish Design

Inground Swimming Pool: Simple Stylish Design

For you who have a  backyard with limited space, this idea is the one that you can’t miss when you want to add a swimming pool. A sleek tiny pool is installed on the area with gravel base which then becomes a cozy patio which looks and feels so inviting. Some small cushions decorate a deck which enhances the comfort of the area.

Inground Swimming Pool: Sleek Minimalist Design

Inground Swimming Pool: Sleek Minimalist Design

An elegant swimming pool is the main focal point of this backyard with grass base which fits for you who have a home with a minimalist decorating style. It comes with a plunge section that you can use for the relaxing spot. Some loungers then provide the sitting spot which looks so inviting to enjoy.

Inground Swimming Pool: Modern Earthy Design

inground swimming pool 5

This swimming pool is installed on the area with the beige tiles for its surrounding which flows beautifully with the natural surrounding of the backyard. The plantations on the concrete beds with white gravels base give a stylish earthy touch around. Then, the frameless glass fence adds a more modern twist which also works to secure the pool area.

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Inground Swimming Pool: Stylish Modern Design

Inground Swimming Pool: Stylish Modern Design

An L-shaped swimming pool completes the feature of this swimming pool which looks so stylish. It complements the modern earthy overall look of the backyard in a very admirable way. To secure and provide privacy, the glass and wood fence surrounds the pool area stylishly.

Inground Swimming Pool: Simple Modern Design

  Inground Swimming Pool: Simple Modern Design

A patio with concrete tile base takes over this backyard which looks so enjoyable with its rectangular swimming pool. Some pieces of furniture decorate the patio which provides the cozy sitting area around the patio. The beautiful trees which decorate the swimming pool beautify the overall look of the backyard in a natural way.

Inground Swimming Pool: Enchanting Earthy Design

Inground Swimming Pool: Enchanting Earthy Design

This backyard looks so admirable with the patio and swimming pool which decorate it. The pool is not really big which mainly works as the relaxing spot around the area. The blue tiles of the pool make it look strikingly attractive among the rustic overall look of the area. Moreover, lots of trees also complete the decor which brings its style to the next level.

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If you haven’t found the best swimming pool design which is right for you, below we still have the rest of inspiring ideas that you will totally love!

inground swimming pool 9


inground swimming pool 10


inground swimming pool 11


inground swimming pool 12


inground swimming pool 13


inground swimming pool 14


inground swimming pool 15

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inground swimming pool 16


inground swimming pool 17


inground swimming pool 18


inground swimming pool 19


inground swimming pool 20


inground swimming pool 21

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Those inground swimming pool ideas are so inspiring to copy which makes them so worth to become the ultimate reference to improve the exterior area of your house. They are designed to fit the modern minimalist home which is so popular recently. They work really well to enhance the attractiveness and entertainment of your house for sure.

Of course, adding a swimming pool to your house is never a bad idea that you can keep in mind. You will have a more exhilarating home to enjoy once you have a swimming pool around. Even when you have a small backyard, there are some designs which can fit the narrow dimensions that you can copy.

Well, you just need to choose the best pool design that you really adore and start building your dream backyard swimming pool now!

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