Above Ground Swimming Pool: 21+ Stylish Ideas for Small Home

The swimming pool is always the most favorite water feature which offers so many benefits for you. That’s why so many homeowners always consider adding a swimming pool to their home improvement plan.

As you may have known, the swimming pool in an enjoyable water feature which works really well to entertain everyone. You can do some aquatic exercises, hold a fun pool party, or simply relax your body after a long tiring day. With such benefits, it’s safe to say that the swimming pool is a must-have addition to complete the feature of your home sweet home.

Moreover, the design of the swimming pool always grabs most of the attention. In fact, it’s definitely the main focal point of your exterior area which has a huge influence in creating the overall look of your outdoor space. It means that you have to choose a swimming pool with an attractive design so it can give a striking aesthetic appeal to the decor of your backyard.

The one with an above-ground installation style is a good alternative than the one with the in-ground design. It looks more distinctive that will totally make your backyard look so mesmerizing.

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Here, we share dozens of above-ground swimming pools which are perfect to decorate your minimalist house even with a small exterior area.

Best Above Ground Swimming Pool Ideas

Above Ground Swimming Pool: Elegant Earthy Design

Above Ground Swimming Pool: Elegant Earthy Design

A round swimming pool with an above-ground installation is the main focal point with an earthy design that looks so gorgeous. Tons of rocks decorate the frame of the pool which flows beautifully with the natural surrounding of the backyard. The size of the pool doesn’t take a lot of space but totally enough to entertain everyone.

Above Ground Swimming Pool: Stock Tank Design

Above Ground Swimming Pool: Stock Tank Design

For you who have a limited budget, using the galvanized stock tank to build an above-ground swimming pool can be a very good alternative. Here, the stock tank pool decorates an area with a gravel base. It can be a cozy spot to relax your body while enjoying the warm summer air. For sure, it’s a very inspiring pool that you can create all by yourself without costing you a lot.

Above Ground Swimming Pool: Gorgeous Rustic Design

 Above Ground Swimming Pool: Gorgeous Rustic Design

Woods decorate the construction of the pool which is perfect for you who love rustic decorating style. It complements the design of the deck which creates a mesmerizing overall lool. The geometric style of the pool makes it also fit to style up an exterior area with a modern look. It’s an inspiring swimming pool that you can create by using wood shipping pallets.

Above Ground Swimming Pool: Sleek Elegant Design

 Above Ground Swimming Pool: Sleek Elegant Design

The design of this swimming pool looks so elegant with its sleek style which is good for you who love aquatic exercise. The natural concrete finish of the pool creates a modern rustic overall look. Moreover, a waterfall also decorates the pool which enhances the beauty and comfort of the pool in a very admirable way.

Above Ground Swimming Pool: Vintage Earthy Design

Above Ground Swimming Pool: Vintage Earthy Design

Slates decorate the construction of this swimming pool which makes it look uniquely beautiful. The design fits really well to beautify a home with a vintage decorating style. It’s a very enchanting swimming pool which is so tempting to have.

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If you still haven’t found the right swimming pol which really suits your needs and taste, we still have the rest of the ideas to complete your inspiration list! Just keep scrolling to check them out!

above ground swimming pool 6


above ground swimming pool 7


above ground swimming pool 8


above ground swimming pool 9


above ground swimming pool 10

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above ground swimming pool 11


above ground swimming pool 12


above ground swimming pool 13


above ground swimming pool 14


above ground swimming pool 15

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above ground swimming pool 16


above ground swimming pool 17


above ground swimming pool 18


above ground swimming pool 19


above ground swimming pool 20


above ground swimming pool 21

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Installing a swimming pool in your home is totally a good consideration to keep in mind. It’s a very good addition which has so benefits that you can enjoy. An above-ground swimming pool is a more distinctive option which will totally bring the style of your outdoor space to a whole new level.

Now, you just need to choose the best swimming pool design that you really love and start building your very own pool right away!

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