Swimming Pool Design Ideas: 10+ Admirable Inspiration to Steal

There are a few things that can help improve or increase the value of the house and one of them is a swimming pool. Yes, a swimming pool still becomes one of the water features that many homeowners want to build in their houses. Of course, it can be quite confusing since there are tons of ideas that you can find out there, but again, it depends on your taste and budget.

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Below we’ve prepared some ideas just for you so keep scrolling!

Best Swimming Pool Design Ideas

Swimming Pool Design Ideas: Chic Modern Look

Swimming Pool Design Ideas 1

For people who love something simple, this one is a good one to copy with the combination of natural fences and landscaping. To give a modern touch, complete it with a glass fence around the pool and a pergola on the sunbathing area.

Swimming Pool Design Ideas: Dazzling Rectangular Pool

Swimming Pool Design Ideas 2

A rectangular pool is a common one but you can make it more stylish with the decoration. Just like this one, you can have a swimming pool with a jacuzzi, a lounge area, and some colorful plants as natural decorations.

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Swimming Pool Design Ideas: Modern Above-Ground Style

Swimming Pool Design Ideas 3

Create your own infinity pool with this idea that allows you to make an above-ground style to give a modern vibe. You can just simply put some cozy bean bags or any portable couch sofa on the side and you’re ready to enjoy the view.

Swimming Pool Design Ideas: Stunning All-White

Swimming Pool Design Ideas 4

Here’s another idea that you can use to create a modern and stylish swimming pool area. The area that surrounds the pool and the pool itself is dominated by white which gives a rustic Scandinavian nuance.

Swimming Pool Design Ideas: Breezy Tropical Concept

Swimming Pool Design Ideas 5

A rectangular swimming pool is the best option that you can choose if you love the deeper and longer version to swim around. Then complete it with some palm trees to give a fresher look while enjoying the cold and refreshing water.

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Swimming Pool Design Ideas: Simple Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool Design Ideas 6

This pool is perfect if you love something simple with fewer details. As shown in this idea, the only detail in this area is the wall made of natural flagstone or concrete with this pattern that makes it looks simple yet elegant.

Swimming Pool Design Ideas: Minimalist L-Shape Design

Swimming Pool Design Ideas 7

The good thing about an L-shaped swimming pool is that you can make one that fits the area in the backyard. If you have a small space, you may want to try making this sleek L-shaped swimming pool with some plants around.

Swimming Pool Design Ideas: Cozy Backyard Atmosphere

Swimming Pool Design Ideas 8

In this idea, you can get a captivating and cozy sitting area above the swimming pool with a deck and pergola. The swimming pool itself may not too big but its stylish design completes the trendy sitting area.

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Swimming Pool Design Ideas: Captivating Natural Design

Swimming Pool Design Ideas 9

An outdoor swimming pool definitely gives its own charm that can be combined with natural elements. The wooden deck is a good choice to use and matches perfectly with the plantations around.

Swimming Pool Design Ideas: Minimalist Outdoor Pool

Swimming Pool Design Ideas 10

Again, if you have a small backyard or a ground that difficult to excavate, an above-ground design is the best choice. This minimalist swimming pool blends really well with the house which has a minimalist concept as well.

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Now it’s time to create your own dream swimming pool!

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