Modern Swimming Pool Ideas: 10+ Striking Designs You Can Steal

Having a swimming pool can be a fun feature and a great investment that you would want to consider. Everyone in the family will definitely love to have a swimming pool to play in and do aquatic activities together. There are a lot of swimming pool designs to copy out there based on the size, budget, material, and finish that you want.

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Below we have prepared some swimming pool ideas that you can steal right away!

Best Modern Swimming Pool Ideas

Modern Swimming Pool Ideas: Minimalist Swimming Pool

Modern Swimming Pool Ideas 1

For people who have a small backyard, a simple pool is still fine to entertain your family members. The wooden patio and pattern tiles can make the pool area looks more attractive and switch attention from its size.

Modern Swimming Pool Ideas: Classic Rectangular Pool

Modern Swimming Pool Ideas 2

If a regular rectangular swimming pool doesn’t fit your backyard, try a slimmer design like this one. The pool design is above-ground which is perfect if you want to use the other space for a seating area and keep your fur friends and children safe.

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Modern Swimming Pool Ideas: Elegant Small Pool

Modern Swimming Pool Ideas 3

Again, just because the swimming pool is small doesn’t mean that it can’t look stunning. Just like this idea, an open seating area facing the pool gives a dreamy look, especially with the soft dim lighting.

Modern Swimming Pool Ideas: Stunning Minimalist Modern

Modern Swimming Pool Ideas 4

Another modern swimming pool design looks stunning for people who love minimalism. An all-white surrounding from the patio, furniture, and privacy screen match and complete each other.

Modern Swimming Pool Ideas: Dreamy All-White Concept

Modern Swimming Pool Ideas 5

An all-white concept is still becoming a lot of homeowners’ preference when it comes to decorating. The all-white furniture, pool tiles, pergola, patio, and glass fence create a relaxing ambiance.

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Modern Swimming Pool Ideas: Simple Inground Pool

Modern Swimming Pool Ideas 6

An inground pool is also one of the designs that many people use. The concept in this idea is quite simple combining a modern backyard, concrete patio, and simple inground pool together and creating a sleek overall finish.

Modern Swimming Pool Ideas: Fresh Tropical Feeling

Modern Swimming Pool Ideas 7

The tropical concept for an outdoor pool is perfect to create a fresh-looking backyard. The wooden deck and greeneries in this backyard will attract the attention of your coming guest with their coziness.

Modern Swimming Pool Ideas: Lovely Petite Pool

Modern Swimming Pool Ideas 8

The combination of a swimming pool and garden makes this backyard view becomes fresher. Even a simple wooden patio bridge that connects two areas adds a more beautiful natural touch.

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Modern Swimming Pool Ideas: Attractive Stock Tank

Modern Swimming Pool Ideas 9

A stock tank pool is a good choice if you love a simple pool with easy maintenance or for those who have problems excavating their backyard ground. For easier access for children, you can add simple stairs next to it.

Modern Swimming Pool Ideas: Stylish Modern Design

Modern Swimming Pool Ideas 10

For homeowners who want to get a modern-looking backyard, you might want to copy this idea. Although the pool itself is quite simple, the glass fence adds a modern feeling that makes the pool area shines more.

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Those are modern swimming pool ideas that we hope can inspire you to get a dream swimming pool in your own backyard!

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