DIY Hot Tub Privacy: 22+ Inspiring Designs That You Can Try Easily

Undoubtedly, hot tub always becomes one of the most favorite water features which is always chosen by many homeowners. The benefits that a hot tub offers always pamper us with its hydrotherapy feature which relaxes our stiff muscle and heavy head. In other words, once you have a hot tub installed in your home, you can enjoy the pleasing spa service after you have dealt with a long tiring day.

But, it’s a better idea to give some additional features to complete your hot tub like adding pergola, gazebo, and canopy. Those features will give a more aesthetic appeal and allow you to enjoy your hot tub more comfortably.

When you want to have a more private hot tub time, installing a fence or screen is definitely a good idea that you can keep in mind. It’s a very simple way to make you feel more comfortable to use your hot tub since it blocks the view from the outside. To create a fence or screen, you can use woods, concrete, or even some trees as the main materials.

If you are a handy DIYer, you can create your own privacy feature for your hot tub all by yourself at home. It can be a good alternative, especially when you have a limited budget to improve the feature of your hot tub since you don’t have to use the money to hire contractors.

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Here, we share a lot of spa privacy ideas that you can include on your DIY project plan right away!

Best DIY Hot Tub Privacy Ideas

DIY Hot Tub Privacy: Gorgeous Earthy Screen

DIY Hot Tub Privacy: Gorgeous Earthy Screen

A square hot tub is installed on this deck which becomes a very cozy outdoor living space of this backyard. The wood fence with white posts is installed on the deck which is enough to give cozy privacy when you enjoy the hot tub. Moreover, some pieces of furniture decorate the deck for the chilling spot.

DIY Hot Tub Privacy: Cozy Rustic Pergola

DIY Hot Tub Privacy: Cozy Rustic Pergola

A pergola with built-in benches cover the hot tub which filters the excessive sun exposure which allows you to use the hot tub under the broad daylight. A wood fence in greyish finish is installed close to the hot tub which enhances the beauty and comfort of the area.

DIY Hot Tub Privacy: Beautiful Rustic Gazebo

DIY Hot Tub Privacy: Beautiful Rustic Gazebo

Gazebo is another good option which can over a hot tub very well just like this idea shows. It’s a gazebo with screen which all made of wood which becomes the main focal point of the backyard. The style of the gazebo complements the design of the hot tub which comes with a wood frame and blue acrylic construction. Find more ideas on

DIY Hot Tub Privacy: Simple Natural Fence

DIY Hot Tub Privacy: Simple Natural Fence

This one is a small patio with gravel and concrete base which can be a good inspiration to improve a backyard with narrow dimensions. An 8-person hot tub is the main feature of the area which works really well to entertain everyone. To make it more inviting to enjoy, a beautiful wood fence with arrow top and lattice accent complete the decor of the patio.

DIY Hot Tub Privacy: Elegant Earthy Screen

DIY Hot Tub Privacy: Elegant Earthy Screen

The privacy screen which is made of wood and bamboos beautifully gives an aesthetic appeal to this small patio with hot tub as its focal point. The bamboos are finished in natural style which work as the panel of the fence with black wood fame and posts. It looks so elegant which blends very well with the natural surrounding of the outdoor space.

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Are you still looking for more ideas? Well, let’s just keep scrolling to find more inspirations that you will totally love!

DIY Hot Tub Privacy 6


DIY Hot Tub Privacy 7


DIY Hot Tub Privacy 8


DIY Hot Tub Privacy 9


DIY Hot Tub Privacy 10

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DIY Hot Tub Privacy 11


DIY Hot Tub Privacy 12


DIY Hot Tub Privacy 13


DIY Hot Tub Privacy 14


DIY Hot Tub Privacy 15

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DIY Hot Tub Privacy 16


DIY Hot Tub Privacy 17


DIY Hot Tub Privacy 18


DIY Hot Tub Privacy 19


DIY Hot Tub Privacy 20

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DIY Hot Tub Privacy 21


DIY Hot Tub Privacy 22

Those ideas show you how to enhance the beauty and comfort of your hot tub in a very easy and affordable way. They are so worth to be ultimate references when you have a plan to give some improvements to your beloved outdoor living space.

So, just pick the best hot tub decor idea that you really love now!

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