Backyard Lighting Ideas: 23+ Inspiring Cheap DIY Designs

Providing ample lights in your exterior area is definitely one step that you have to include on your list when you have plan to give some improvements to your house. You can’t just focus on decorating the indoor space while abandoning the front and back yard. Of course, there are tons of tempting lighting fixtures are available in the market which are designed in various styles. However, they may be quite expensive to buy.

For you who have a limited budget, you can create some lighting fixtures all by yourself by using cheap materials. It can be such a good alternative to enhance the beauty and comfort of your outdoor living space.

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Check out some creative DIY backyard lighting inspirations below that you will totally adore!

Best DIY Backyard Lighting Ideas

Backyard Lighting Ideas: Catchy Sparkling Trees

Backyard Lighting Ideas: Catchy Sparkling Trees

If you have some trees in your backyard, you can decorate them with some string lights just like this idea shows. The string lights warp the trees which become the additional lighting source around. They look sparkling which enhance the attractiveness of the area very well.

Backyard Lighting Ideas: DIY Vintage Chandelier

Backyard Lighting Ideas: DIY Vintage Chandelier

An attractive chandelier which is made some iron rings, chains, mason jars, and string lights brighten up the small patio of this backyard. It’s enough to give a catchy decorative touch in a very adorable way. The design fits really well for you who love the vintage and rustic decorating style.

Backyard Lighting Ideas: Chic Lighten Pathway

Backyard Lighting Ideas: Chic Lighten Pathway

This idea shows you how to brighten up the pathway of your backyard in a very simple way. It doesn’t only decorate your backyard attractively but also provides a much better convenient when you walk around the yard in the night.

Backyard Lighting Ideas: Catchy Festive Lighting

Backyard Lighting Ideas: Catchy Festive Lighting

String lights with ball bulbs and mason jars decorate the trees of this backyard which brightens up the sitting area of this backyard. For sure, it’s a very inspiring idea that you can try easily and cheaply.

Backyard Lighting Ideas: Striking Vertical Garden

Backyard Lighting Ideas 5

This one is a vertical garden with various kinds of plants and string light which becomes the main focal point of the backyard. You can use some wood shipping pallets as the main material of this kind of decor item.

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Keep scrolling to find more ideas below to complete your inspiration list!

Backyard Lighting Ideas 6


Backyard Lighting Ideas 7


Backyard Lighting Ideas 8


Backyard Lighting Ideas 9


Backyard Lighting Ideas 10

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Backyard Lighting Ideas 11




Backyard Lighting Ideas 13


Backyard Lighting Ideas 14


Backyard Lighting Ideas 15

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Backyard Lighting Ideas 16




Backyard Lighting Ideas 18


Backyard Lighting Ideas 19


Backyard Lighting Ideas 20

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Backyard Lighting Ideas 21


Backyard Lighting Ideas 22


Backyard Lighting Ideas 23

Those ideas show you how to create some lighting fixtures to decorate your beloved backyard. Just pick the best one now!

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