Small Patio Ideas: 21+ Simple Designs on a Budget

After you are done decorating the interior of your house, you can’t just miss to style up the exterior area. It’s still part of your home which has to be decorated so it can make the overall look of your house look and feel so inviting.

For the backyard, you can consider adding a patio to turn it into an exhilarating outdoor living that everyone can enjoy. A patio will be a very joyful space to entertain all the family members, friends, and guests so they can do some fun outdoor activities around your exterior area.

To create a patio, you will need to prepare the base first by using concrete, brick, wood, gravel, sand and other material options. Each material has its own plus and minus point which may or may not suit your needs and budget. Then, a patio should have some pieces of furniture to make it usable which means you have to decorate it with some chairs, tables, sofa, and so on. To make it look more attractive, you can also place some decor items and accessories around the area.

If you have an exterior area with limited space, you may find it hard to build a patio on it. But don’t worry, these small patios below show you the way to turn your narrow backyard into an entertaining outdoor spot.

Best Small Patio Ideas

Small Patio Ideas: Chic Rustic Decor

Small Patio Ideas: Chic Rustic Decor

The base of this patio is made of wood on the greyish finish which flows beautifully with the exposed brick wall of the house, creating a rustic overall look. The shipping wood pallets are turned into sofa and loveseat with cushions and some pillows to become the main sitting spot of the area. Then, the table set, ottoman, lantern, rug, and some plantations decorate the patio in a very beautiful way.

Small Patio Ideas: Elegant Earthy Decor

Small Patio Ideas: Elegant Earthy Decor

This small outdoor living space looks so elegant with the earthy vintage pieces of furniture that decorate it. The sofa with catchy pillows and furry linens is the sitting spot here which is complemented by jute rug, classic round table, and rattan storage. The natural fence with tons of greeneries that surround the area doesn’t only enhance its attractiveness but also freshens the area around the area.

Small Patio Ideas: Gorgeous Bright Decor

Small Patio Ideas: Gorgeous Bright Decor

White gravels work as the base of this patio which is built in the corner of the backyard. Though it’s quite small, it’s still enough to become a very enjoyable outdoor living space with the big rattan sofa, rustic table set, stylish ottomans, and some additional lighting sources. Then, the white fence gorgeously complements the overall look of the patio.

Small Patio Ideas: Catchy Cozy Decor

Small Patio Ideas: Catchy Cozy Decor

The white chairs are the main focal points of this patio which matches beautifully with the exposed brick wall in the white finish of the house. An elegant round fireplace as the centerpiece of the patio enhances the attractiveness and coziness of the area at the same time. Moreover, the grey rug in the ethnic finish gives a catchy decorative touch while still keeps the neutral character of the patio’s decor.

Small Patio Ideas: Beautiful Cozy Decor

Small Patio Ideas: Beautiful Cozy Decor

A wood pergola covers the patio with concrete tiles base which filters the excessive sun exposure which allows you to enjoy the are even in the broad daylight. A built-in L-shaped fence which is made of concrete with cushions and back provides the cozy sitting area for everyone. It’s a very cozy outdoor living space which is so tempting to have.

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Small Patio Ideas: Simple Rustic Decor

Small Patio Ideas: Simple Rustic Decor

This patio is a good option for you who want to have an intimate outdoor living space. Two chairs and wood table set are the only pieces of furniture which are enough to provide a cozy sitting spot for two. The combination of the wood base in natural finish and brick walls create a beautiful rustic overall look and warm nuance at the same time.

Small Patio Ideas: Enchanting Earthy Decor

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Though this backyard has limited space, it still looks so inviting to enjoy with its enchanting decoration. A narrow patio with wood base. is built in the corner of the yard with a vintage chair and pallet coffee table. Moreover, various kinds of plantations decorate the backyard which styles it up in a very attractive way.

Small Patio Ideas: Cozy Earthy Decor

Small Patio Ideas: Cozy Earthy Decor

Tons of plantations fill this tiny patio with concrete tiles base which looks so admirable and feels so comfortable. A 3-piece conversation set in vintage style is the main sitting spot of the patio which is perfect to have some relaxing time. For sure, it’s a very easy idea that you can copy right away.

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Do you need more inspirations? Well, just keep scrolling to find the rest of the small patio ideas that you will totally admire!

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So those are the list of small patios which we have created just for you and, of course, you can use it as the ultimate inspiration when you have a plan to improve the exterior area of your house. They look so attractive to style up the overall look of your backyard and work really well to provide the joyful area to entertain everyone.

Building a patio is always a very good option that will never fail to enhance the beauty and comfort of your house. You can always consider it to turn your boring backyard into a very exhilarating outdoor living space. Moreover, even when you have a narrow backyard, you can still build a patio just like those ideas show.

Right now, you just need to pick the best idea that you really love and build your dream patio!

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