Small Backyard Ideas: 25+ Inspirations for Your Minimalist Home

Choosing a particular look for your backyard is definitely a good idea that you can try when you have a plan to give some improvements to your beloved house. Every homeowner has their own style when it comes to home styling and decorating. They will choose the one that is not only useful but also aesthetically pleasing.

However, some homeowners may have difficulties decorating their backyard because of the size. Yes, decorating a small backyard can be quite tricky and challenging because you don’t want to make it looks more narrow by placing or making something that is too big for the size of the backyard itself.

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For your reference, we have prepared dozens of small backyard ideas that will make your minimalist home looks more stunning!

Best Small Backyard Ideas

Small Backyard Ideas: Cozy Lazy Spot

Small Backyard Ideas: Cozy Lazy Spot

There’s nothing cozier than chilling around in a backyard while reading a favorite book or just simply for relaxing. This small backyard looks so stunning with the wooden patio and bamboo fence. It looks so good to create a relaxing spot with shade as a protection feature to prevent direct sun exposure.

Small Backyard Ideas: Simple Decorative Backyard

Small Backyard Ideas: Simple Decorative Backyard

Combining some outdoor features like a seating area and a garden in one place can be a great idea to make the backyard looks fresher. Although the plantations in this backyard are not too big, it matches perfectly with each corner of the backyard. A corner seating area and additional stools then complete the coziness of this place.

Small Backyard Ideas: Minimalist Wood Patio

Small Backyard Ideas: Minimalist Wood Patio

It’s still possible to have a captivating backyard in a narrow backyard just like this idea. A wooden and gravel patio makes this backyard looks outstanding and definitely eye-catching. With some greeneries as decorations, it enhances the fresh vibe that also radiates a cool feeling.

Small Backyard Ideas: Fresh Tropical Nuance

Small Backyard Ideas: Fresh Tropical Nuance

One of the best concepts that give a fresh feeling is definitely the tropical concept. Providing a single chair with a coffee table is suitable for people who want to enjoy their leisure time while feeling the fresh outdoor air with a cup of tea.

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Small Backyard Ideas 5


Small Backyard Ideas 6


Small Backyard Ideas 7


Small Backyard Ideas 8


Small Backyard Ideas 9


Small Backyard Ideas 10


Small Backyard Ideas 11

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Have you found the one that attracts your attention? If you haven’t, no worries because we still have some left down below!

Small Backyard Ideas 12


Small Backyard Ideas 13


Small Backyard Ideas 14


Small Backyard Ideas 15


Small Backyard Ideas 16


Small Backyard Ideas 17


Small Backyard Ideas 18

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Small Backyard Ideas 19


Small Backyard Ideas 20


Small Backyard Ideas 21


Small Backyard Ideas 22


Small Backyard Ideas 23


Small Backyard Ideas 24


Small Backyard Ideas 25

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We are sure that improving an outdoor area is every homeowner’s dream no matter how big or small the area is. By optimizing every empty corner in a backyard can make it looks more attractive and inviting. Even with a simple feature like a small garden, water feature or seating area, it will give a different feeling.

If you have a small backyard, just pick the one that you like from this list and start improving your outdoor space with some touch right now!

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