Backyard Pool Ideas: 20+ Inspirations to Improve Your Outdoor Space

There are various methods that every homeowner can choose to improve their backyard. Some examples are by having a garden, playing area or water feature depends on their needs and preference. Having one, or maybe some, decoration in a backyard will definitely help to make the area looks more captivating.

For people who love aquatic activity, a swimming pool is the best feature to have. By making a swimming pool in a backyard, you can get a functional feature which is a decoration and also a joyful and fun spot. You can have a joyful time even if it’s just chilling around it or having a formal or casual event.

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No worries, to give you a closer look at how to get a stunning backyard look with a swimming pool, we’ve compiled dozens of them below so let’s check them out now!

Best Backyard Pool Ideas

Backyard Pool Ideas: Inground Swimming Pool

Backyard Pool Ideas: Inground Swimming Pool

One of the most common and popular pool styles is an inground pool. Just like the name, an inground pool is the type of pool that is built by excavating the ground as the base. Depends on the area that you have, you can have either a small or big pool. To make it looks neater, surround it with a stone, concrete, cement, or tiles patio.

Backyard Pool Ideas: Unique Beach Entry

Backyard Pool Ideas: Unique Beach Entry

Just like its name, a beach entry pool means that the entrance of the pool is similar to the beach where it gets deeper when you walk in. This style can give you another level of joyful experience because you can create a unique way to enter the pool. Of course, it would be more fun if it has a big size but it doesn’t mean that you can’t have it in a smaller one.

Backyard Pool Ideas: Simple Small Pool

Backyard Pool Ideas: Simple Small Pool

Just because you have a small backyard doesn’t mean that you have to give up your dream pool. This idea shows that even a small area can become the focal point and a cozy outdoor area. This minimalist rectangular pool and a cozy sitting area can be the oasis of the backyard with the tropical concept that is ready to freshen your mind.

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Backyard Pool Ideas 4


Backyard Pool Ideas 5


Backyard Pool Ideas 6


Backyard Pool Ideas 7


Backyard Pool Ideas 8


Backyard Pool Ideas 9

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For more amazing backyard swimming pool ideas, just keep scrolling down and get ready to get stunned!

Backyard Pool Ideas 10


Backyard Pool Ideas 11


Backyard Pool Ideas 12


Backyard Pool Ideas 13


Backyard Pool Ideas 14

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Backyard Pool Ideas 15


Backyard Pool Ideas 16


Backyard Pool Ideas 17


Backyard Pool Ideas 18


Backyard Pool Ideas 19


Backyard Pool Ideas 20

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Having a swimming pool in a backyard can be very helpful because it can help you to relaxed and calm. For some people, it may difficult to have an inground pool because of the condition of the ground that is difficult to excavate. The solution is by making an above-ground, inflatable or stock tank pool instead.

If you’re wondering what feature to build in your backyard, a swimming pool can  be a great option to choose!w

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