Small Kitchen Island Ideas: 20+ Inspiring Designs on a Budget

An island has become one of the most popular additions which is chosen by many homeowners from ages ago. It works well both to enhance the beauty and comfort of the kitchen at the same time. Mainly, an island provides a cozy sitting area for everyone to enjoy some meals or do some joyful activities like reading or having chats. Then, it will always be the main focal point of a kitchen which grabs most of the attention.

For you who have a small kitchen, below we share tons of inspiring small kitchen island ideas that you will totally love.

Best Small Kitchen Island Ideas

Small Kitchen Island: Chic Farmhouse Style

Small Kitchen Island: Chic Farmhouse Style

The combination of the white legs and top in natural wood finish creates a chic farmhouse overall look for this kitchen island. Two modern cushioned chairs in a similar look complement the island in a very beautiful way. For sure, it’s a very inspiring design to decorate a kitchen with farmhouse decorating style.

Small Kitchen Island: DIY Rustic Design

Small Kitchen Island: DIY Rustic Design

This one is a very good inspiration for you who are a handy DIYer who is willing enough to make an island all by yourself. The structure is made of some wood planks and board in natural finish which is enough to make your kitchen decor look beautifully rustic. It also comes with some open shelf to provide additional storage station that you can use to store some kitchen stuff or display some decor items.

Small Kitchen Island: Simple Floating Design

Small Kitchen Island: Simple Floating Design

The design of this island is perfect for a kitchen with narrow dimensions since it doesn’t take a lot of space. It only has two legs which work as the open shelf while the other side of the island is mounted on the wall. The island is enough to handle two stools comfortably.

Small Kitchen Island: Gorgeous Classic Design

Small Kitchen Island: Gorgeous Classic Design

An all-white small island beautifully gives an aesthetic appeal to the overall look of this narrow kitchen. It has some gorgeous details which are perfect for you who love vintage stuff. The design is similar to the previous idea with the mounting style, but the legs don’t work as a shelf here.

Small Kitchen Island: Elegant Sleek Design

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This kitchen island is made of steel legs is black finish and the wood top in natural finish which looks elegantly sleek. The stools in a similar design and material complement it stylishly. Though the design is really small, it’s still enough to make your kitchen look and feel way more inviting.

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Just keep scrolling to find more small kitchen island on budget ideas to add to your inspiration list!

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Well, now you just need to pick the best kitchen island that you really love and start improving your own kitchen right away!

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