Hot Tub Design: 10+ Beautiful Inspirations You Have to Copy

Having a hot tub in a house is a great investment that a homeowner can do to improve the look and the value of the house. It’s also a good water feature for people who love relaxation and hydrotherapy functions. The hot tub itself has various styles and designs that you can choose based on your budget, needs, and the concept of your house.

Below we have some inspirations for hot tub design that you can use as a reference, so just keep scrolling!

Best Hot Tub Design

Hot Tub Design: Stylish Wooden Privacy

Hot Tub Design 1

For those who love an indoor hot tub, you will need a privacy feature that blocks unwanted sight. The combination of an above-ground style installation and wood privacy makes the surroundings look stylish and warmer.

Hot Tub Design: Simple Inground Tub

Hot Tub Design 2

You can still have a hot tub even with a limited and narrow backyard and it becomes an oasis for your outdoors. Instead of installing it with a plain design, add a wood patio to create a more decorative look.

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Hot Tub Design: Minimalist Outdoor Design

Hot Tub Design 3

An outdoor hot tub area looks so cozy with a wooden deck that becomes a sunbathing spot for everyone. To match the natural view of the backyard, combine some natural materials like stone or rocks to make stairs.

Hot Tub Design: Natural Pergola Feature

Hot Tub Design 4

Giving your hot tub an extra feature to make it more beautiful can be done by using natural wood to make a deck and pergola. Moreover, you can use the side part as a minibar to serve some food and beverage.

Hot Tub Design: Stunning Modern Concept

Hot Tub Design 5

This one is a perfect choice if you love a modern and stylish hot tub to match your modern and minimalist house. The accent in the hot tub looks pretty and enhances the monochromatic concept even more.

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Hot Tub Design: Modern Wood Fired

Hot Tub Design 6

The wood fire hot tub still has its own fans due to its uniqueness and classic vibe. Adding wood planks to cover the hot tub body makes the look becomes more stylish and matches the whole deck area.

Hot Tub Design: Chic Inflatable Tub

Hot Tub Design 7

An inflatable hot tub is a good design for people who don’t want to have a permanent installation or those who have a small backyard but love gathering that needs more space. Even with an inflatable type, you can decorate it beautifully.

Hot Tub Design: Elegant Outdoor Tub

Hot Tub Design 8

Making your hot tub area looks elegant can bring a more feel while enjoying your relaxing time. Another idea of an inflatable hot tub with a beige color that is completed with a simple pergola and stylish curtain.

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Hot Tub Design: Breezy Rooftop Spa

Hot Tub Design 9

Living in a busy area with limited space can be frustrating but your hot tub can be your quick escape. A simple inflatable hot tub, again, is a perfect choice that you can get to fit your rooftop area.

Hot Tub Design: Cozy Outdoor Tub

Hot Tub Design 10

Here we have another simple inflatable hot tub with a warm tone that gives a different vibe. Yes, as you can see that it can be placed on any flat and sturdy surface. To protect from direct sunlight, add a patio umbrella right above.

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Just choose the one that suits your taste and budget and start planning it now!

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