DIY Backyard Pond Ideas: 23+ Beautiful Designs to Steal Now

It’s never a bad idea to complete the decor of your backyard with water features since they work really well to make it look and feel so inviting. There are some options which still become so popular up until today like swimming pool, water fountain, waterfall, natural pond, etc. You can either choose one of them or add some features at once.

When it comes to the backyard pond, you will mostly deal with natural elements like rocks, plantations, and even aquatic animals. It will flow beautifully with the surrounding outdoor space which works as the main focal point of the area.

Pond is like the artificial aquatic ecosystem that you can fill with colorful fishes and beautiful plantations. Watching the fishes swim here and there is so relaxing to watch with those plantations that freshen the atmosphere around the yard.

Moreover, if you want to enhance the feature of the pond, you can install the fountain and waterfall. They can be the good additions which don’t only give a more aesthetic appeal but also aerate the pond which improve the living quality of the creatures that love inside it.

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For your inspiration, we share a lot of beautiful backyard ponds that you will totally adore!

DIY Best DIY Backyard Pond Ideas

DIY Backyard Pond Ideas: Beautiful Earthy Design

Backyard Pond Ideas: Beautiful Earthy Design

The rocky pond becomes the main focal point of this backyard which looks so beautiful. It comes with small waterfall which makes it look way more admirable and aerate the plants of the pond very well. The pond is built next to the patio which lets you to have an ultimate relaxing time with everyone.

DIY Backyard Pond Ideas: Minimalist Rustic Design

Backyard Pond Ideas: Minimalist Rustic Design

A spacious square deck takes over this backyard which simply turns it into an exhilarating outdoor living space. The deck comes with 3 ponds in square shape which brings the style of the deck to a whole new level. Some aquatic plants are planted on the ponds which beautify and freshen the area at the same time. Then, the black outdoor furniture set provides the cozy sitting area in a very elegant way.

DIY Backyard Pond Ideas: Elegant Natural Design

Backyard Pond Ideas: Elegant Natural Design

The black tiles surround this small pond which make it look so elegant. Brown rocks then decorate the pond which give a more natural decorative touch. Moreover, the pond landscaping which includes various kinds of greeneries, flower, and trees which makes it so inspiring to copy to beautify your outdoor living space.

DIY Backyard Pond Ideas: Vintage Farmhouse Design

Backyard Pond Ideas: Vintage Farmhouse Design

This backyard pond is made of galvanized stock tank which fits really well for you who want to improve your outdoor space without costing you a lot. The pump waterfall then beautifies the pond which matches well with its design. The pond is decorated by various kinds of aquatic plants which look simply gorgeous. It’s a very lovely DIY pond which will give a vintage touch to the overall look of your backyard decor.

DIY Backyard Pond Ideas: Gorgeous Tiny Design

Backyard Pond Ideas: Gorgeous Tiny Design

For you who have a backyard with narrow dimensions, this pond is the one that you can’t just miss. It’s a very small pond with rocky construction which gives a simple aesthetic appeal. The greeneries complete the decor which even beautifies the pond in a very natural way. It’s definitely a very easy pond design that you can build easily with your limited budget.

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Are you still looking for more backyard ponds? Well, we still have the rest of ideas that you can use to complete your ultimate inspiration list!

DIY Backyard Pond Ideas 6


DIY Backyard Pond Ideas 7


DIY Backyard Pond Ideas 8


DIY Backyard Pond Ideas 9


DIY Backyard Pond Ideas 10

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DIY Backyard Pond Ideas 11


DIY Backyard Pond Ideas 12


DIY Backyard Pond Ideas 13


DIY Backyard Pond Ideas 14


DIY Backyard Pond Ideas 15

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DIY Backyard Pond Ideas 16


DIY Backyard Pond Ideas 17


DIY Backyard Pond Ideas 18


DIY Backyard Pond Ideas 19


DIY Backyard Pond Ideas 20

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DIY Backyard Pond Ideas 21


DIY Backyard Pond Ideas 22


DIY Backyard Pond Ideas 23

Well, those are the best backyard ponds that we have picked just for you. They show you the cheap and easy ways to add pond to the decor of your beloved outdoor living space. If you are willing enough, you can even create your own backyard pond all by yourself.

So, just choose the best backyard pond that you really love and start decorating your outdoor space now!

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