Bathroom Organization Ideas: 20+ DIY Cheap Storage Designs

The bathroom is one of the essential parts of your house which provides the basic functions for our daily needs. It means that you have to decorate it as proper as possible so you can use it comfortably every single day.

The decor of the bathroom is not only about how it looks which relates to the colors, decor items, and accessories, but all of the features inside the room should give you a good convenience. The proper fixtures, pieces of furniture, and, of course, the storage. All of those things have to work together to make your bathroom look gorgeous and feel cozy at the same time.

Providing ample storage can be a quite challenging job to do, especially when you have a bathroom with narrow dimensions. It’s not an easy job to deal with limited space but you still have to be able to neatly arrange all of your bathroom stuff. You can’t let all of those linens, body cares, and all other stuff scattered around the room.

You will need to do some tricks in providing convenient storage inside your bathroom even with its tiny space. Some homeowners even create their own storages all by themselves by using affordable materials to keep their bathroom look neat.

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These DIY bathroom storage ideas below are so inspiring to copy to make your bathroom look and feel inviting in very creative ways!

Best Bathroom Organization Ideas

Bathroom Organization Ideas: Chic Stacked Pallets

Bathroom Organization Ideas: Chic Stacked Pallets

Wood shipping pallet is one of the most friendly materials that you can use for various kinds of DIY projects. In this idea, some pallets are finished in white and simply stacked to become a stand-alone shelf which is enough to handle lots of bathroom stuff. It doesn’t only provide a good storage station but also gives a catchy aesthetic appeal to the overall look of the room.

Bathroom Organization Ideas: Earthy Corner Shelf

Bathroom Organization Ideas: Earthy Corner Shelf

Installing a shelf in the corner of the room is a very good idea to add another storage without taking a lot of space just like this idea shows. Wood planks are the main materials of the shelf which are used to build its platforms and trays. You can use the shelf to store your body cares, small towels, and decor items. It’s surely an easy bathroom organization that you can create all by yourself.

Bathroom Organization Ideas: Convenient Floating Shelf

Bathroom Organization Ideas: Convenient Floating Shelf

One of the problems that you have to deal with when you have a small bathroom vanity is that you are unable to put a tray on its narrow countertop. This one is an easy-to-access shelf that is installed around the vanity area. It’s a very convenient storage to handle some hair and face care that you use after the bath.

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Bathroom Organization Ideas: Floating Rattan Baskets

Bathroom Organization Ideas: Floating Rattan Baskets

Here, some rattan baskets in various sizes are hung above the toilet which handles some bathroom stuff and displays some decor items. It’s a very good way to use the available space inside a small bathroom to add more storage. You can easily create this floating baskets easily without costing you a lot at all.

Bathroom Organization Ideas: Simple Hidden Storage

Bathroom Organization Ideas: Simple Hidden Storage

If you have a bathroom vanity with a tower, this idea is the one that you can use as an inspiration to complete the storage of the room. The floating steel shelf is mounted on the door of the tower which works really well to handle some bottles of your hair and body cares. The shelf will be hidden once you close the door which means it won’t take extra space of your tiny bathroom.

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Bathroom Organization Ideas: Hidden Towel Holder

Bathroom Organization Ideas: Hidden Towel Holder

Instead of using the walls to mount the towel holder, you can use the door to save more space in your narrow bathroom. In this idea, two towel holders are installed on the door which becomes additional storage of the room. It’s hidden behind the door which doesn’t make your bathroom feel too stuffy. It’s an easy alternative that you can try right away when you have a plan to install some towel holders.

Bathroom Organization Ideas: Rustic Floating Shelf

Bathroom Organization Ideas: Rustic Floating Shelf

A gorgeous floating shelf that is made of wood, rope, and pipes which is perfect for you who love rustic decorating style. It becomes the storage station to store some tissues, decor items, and hang a towel. It also gives an admirable decorative touch which will enhance the attractiveness of the decor of the room.

Bathroom Organization Ideas: Rustic Corner Shelf

Bathroom Organization Ideas: Rustic Corner Shelf

You just need to prepare some wood planks to create this bathroom organization. It’s a stand-alone shelf with some trays which provide convenient storage in a very effective and efficient way. It’s definitely easy and cheap bathroom storage that you can’t just miss.

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If you are still looking for more ideas, we stall have more inspirations that you will totally admire! Just keep scrolling to check them out!

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Bathroom Organization Ideas 10


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Bathroom Organization Ideas 12


Bathroom Organization Ideas 13


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Bathroom Organization Ideas 15

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Even if it’s not easy to provide proper storage inside a bathroom with small dimensions, with some tricks, you can still do the job easily. Those ideas show you how to create storages all by yourself by using affordable materials easily at home.

You can have a comfortable bathroom without costing you a lot. Moreover, those storages also can add more decorative touch which will make your bathroom look way more attractive.

Now, you just need to choose the best DIY bathroom organization that you really love and start decorating your very own bathroom right away!

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