Boho Bathroom Ideas: 20+ Attractive Trendy Decors for You

Boho (or Bohemian) is the term which commonly used to describe a decorating style which becomes so popular recently. As the name suggests, the style of this decor is inspired by the lifestyle of the Bohemian tribe from ancient Europe which is full of various kinds of elements. The natural or raw materials, catchy pattern, gorgeous texture, and vintage touch are some basic characteristic that you can apply to create a room with Boho style.

In case you’re having a plan to update the decor of your bathroom, choosing the Bohemian decorating style is always a good idea to keep in mind. These enchanting Boho bathroom ideas below are the ones that you will totally admire.

Best Boho Bathroom Ideas

Boho Bathroom Ideas: Catchy Neutral Decor

Boho Bathroom Ideas: Catchy Neutral Decor

Basically, the walls of this bathroom are colorized by grey. The white subway tiles which decorate the walls and the hexagon tiles in black which cover the flooring give a catchy pattern yet still keeps the neutral nuance of the decor. A sleek wood vanity warms up the decor by adding an earthy finish and texture beautifully. Then, an ethnic rug in red becomes the centerpiece of the room which enhances its attractiveness in a very simple way.

Boho Bathroom Ideas: Chic All-White Decor

Boho Bathroom Ideas: Chic All-White Decor

White paints the ceiling and walls of this bathroom which create a bright overall look and relaxing vibe. The white tiles with geometric gray pattern give a more decorative touch harmoniously. A navy vanity with white stone countertop and an ethnic rug are the main elements which give a more vibrant touch to the overall look of the room.

Boho Bathroom Ideas: Elegant Monochrome Decor

Boho Bathroom Ideas: Elegant Monochrome Decor

Black and white are the main colors of this bathroom which make it perfect for you who love decor with monochrome nuance. White subway tiles cover the entire walls and the monochrome tiles with floral pattern cover the flooring, creating a catchy elegant overall look. All of the fixtures, pieces of furniture, decor items, and accessories come in black and white to harmonize the nuance of the room.

Boho Bathroom Ideas: Chic Fresh Decor

Boho Bathroom Ideas: Chic Fresh Decor

A gorgeous all-white bathroom which looks simply beautiful with those plants as its main decorative element. The plants on white planters are hung on a floating ladder and decorate the floor which gives a catchy natural color and refreshing atmosphere at once. To make it look more attractive, the monochrome tiles with geometric pattern cover the flooring.

Boho Bathroom Ideas: Catchy All-White Decor

Boho Bathroom Ideas: Catchy All-White Decor

The white subway tiles wall and the flooring which is covered by white tiles with small hexagonal pattern make are combined which give an attractive all-white nuance to this bathroom. There is no additional color here, but only those natural elements which enhance the beauty of the decor.

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Pick the best idea and start decorating your bathroom now!

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