Backyard Sitting Area Ideas: 10+ Outdoor Living Space Ideas to Steal

The outdoor living space is probably one of the best spots that can make everyone feels refreshed and relaxed. There are various ways to make your outdoor atmosphere becomes more comfortable and inviting both for you, your family members, and the coming guests. Some homeowners prefer to make a decorative outdoor feature like a pond, fountain, or garden while others may prefer to create an outdoor sitting area.

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For you who are planning to create an outdoor sitting area in your backyard, we have compiled ten ideas of the best backyard sitting area that you can copy!

Best Backyard Sitting Area Ideas

Backyard Sitting Area Ideas: Minimalist Sitting Area

Backyard Sitting Area Ideas 1

This idea is a simple way to create a special spot for enjoying the fresh outdoor breeze. Making a porch with a concrete tile patio adds coziness and a minimalist feel.

Backyard Sitting Area Ideas: Simple Outdoor Area

Backyard Sitting Area Ideas 2

Nothing can beat the outdoor atmosphere to create a more casual ambiance. Just like an indoor living room, you might want to add a rug and lighting to enhance the look.

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Backyard Sitting Area Ideas: Stunning Sitting Area

Backyard Sitting Area Ideas 3

Having a sitting area alone will improve the look of the backyard, but to make it looks more attractive, add a pergola with string light that will make it becomes more outstanding.

Backyard Sitting Area Ideas: Fresh Natural Decor

Backyard Sitting Area Ideas 4

When making an outdoor sitting area, the natural greenery will help you with its natural look. This sitting area is surrounded by greeneries that can also work as a natural privacy fence.

Backyard Sitting Area Ideas: Captivating All-White

Backyard Sitting Area Ideas 5

Just like an indoor room, create a certain concept if you’re planning to make it looks matching. This area radiates a farmhouse vibe from the furniture, rug, and patio umbrellas.

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Backyard Sitting Area Ideas: Elegant Boho Feel

Backyard Sitting Area Ideas 6

A very lovely and elegant sitting area that is filled with textures and patterns. Even your small backyard can become an attention-grabber with this gorgeous concept.

Backyard Sitting Area Ideas: Striking Natural Look

Backyard Sitting Area Ideas 7

A unique way to make your sitting area become more eye-catching is by styling it in a sunken style on a concrete patio. Even if it’s quite simple, it still looks stunning and elegant.

Backyard Sitting Area Ideas: Minimalist Modern Decor

Backyard Sitting Area Ideas 8

This simple yet comfortable spot gives a modern rustic farmhouse nuance with wooden furniture, a fence, and fairy lights. Combining black gravel with white concrete tiles then completes the minimalist look.

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Backyard Sitting Area Ideas: Breathtaking Resort Vibe

Backyard Sitting Area Ideas 9

This sitting area will definitely make everyone stunned with its gorgeous layout and materials. The pergola gives a rustic vintage vibe while the painted wood for the top and privacy screen adds a modern feeling.

Backyard Sitting Area Ideas: Chic and Elegant

Backyard Sitting Area Ideas 10

This inspiration is the simplest way because you just have to put sofas and a small coffee table outdoors on a brick patio. For a more decorative look, add some potted plants on the corner.

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Just choose the best outdoor sitting area that suits your style and create your own comfortable sitting area now!

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