Backyard Pergola Ideas: 10+ Outstanding Outdoor Feature to Steal

There are various ways that homeowners do to make their outdoor living space looks more inviting. From making a garden, adding a water feature, installing a patio, or making a deck or pergola. Having a pergola can be a good choice if you want to provide a shade feature that can enhance the outdoor look, especially if you have a sitting area. You can choose a freestanding pergola or one that is connected to your house.

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We have compiled tons of the best pergola inspirations to improve your outdoor living space for your reference!

Best Backyard Pergola Ideas

Backyard Pergola Ideas: Elegant White Pergola

Backyard Pergola Ideas 1

If you have an outdoor dining or sitting area in the backyard, a pergola can make it looks more outstanding. This freestanding pergola becomes the focal point that attracts the coming guest’s attention.

Backyard Pergola Ideas: Outstanding Rustic Pergola

Backyard Pergola Ideas 2

For those who love rustic vintage nuance, having a wooden pergola is a perfect choice. It makes this seating area looks more inviting and cozier. Moreover, a warm fireplace and hanging potted flowers beautify this area more.

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Backyard Pergola Ideas: Cozy Sitting Spot

Backyard Pergola Ideas 3

A pergola can also be a feature to protect your outdoor seating area and combine it with a privacy screen. This simple pergola looks good with the outdoor vibe and also makes this spot becomes attractive.

Backyard Pergola Ideas: Earthy Rustic Pergola

Backyard Pergola Ideas 4

This connected or attached pergola is suitable for you who want to get a cozy seating area on a deck. You can also modify it with a cover so it protects from direct sun exposure.

Backyard Pergola Ideas: Exhilarating Farmhouse Pergola

Backyard Pergola Ideas 5

Creating a cozy backyard is definitely a great improvement that will make your coming guests feel welcome. A pergola attached to the house doesn’t make it look less attractive as long as you get a stunning style.

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Backyard Pergola Ideas: Dreamy White Pergola

Backyard Pergola Ideas 6

A beautiful contrast color between the dark deck with a white pergola creates a lovely overall look in this house. To make it looks cozier, add a bed, chair, or swing hammock in this backyard.

Backyard Pergola Ideas: Breathtaking Formal Spot

Backyard Pergola Ideas 7

Organizing a formal event in a backyard can make your special occasion feels less stiff and ‘cold’. This wooden pergola beautifies the dining area and makes it looks more elegant.

Backyard Pergola Ideas: Simple Outdoor Pergola

Backyard Pergola Ideas 8

No matter the size of the pergola, it will still be a useful and functional feature to add to your outdoor space. This minimalist attached pergola is enough to protect the seating corner.

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Backyard Pergola Ideas: Chic Black Pergola

Backyard Pergola Ideas 9

If a white pergola may look too classic for you, black is a great option to replace it but still look suitable with any home decor style. A swing seat or hammock can bring coziness that matches perfectly with the outdoor vibe.

Backyard Pergola Ideas: Striking Natural Decor

Backyard Pergola Ideas 10

For people who want to get a pergola in the middle of the garden, it can enhance the look of the backyard especially if you combine it with vine plants and a fireplace.

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If you’re planning to improve the look of your outdoors, you might want to consider having a pergola in your backyard immediately!

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