Your Absolute Guide to Creating the Best Showhome for Sale

We are all awed by beautiful homes – homes that look polished and organised, and stunning in every way. These homes have carefully chosen pieces of furniture that offer a gorgeous mix and match of pieces and accessories, and they often feature wonderful colour palettes and themes as well. But if you are planning to create your own showhome for sale – whether you are a personal seller or are involved in real estate – you have to make sure that your showhome fits the buyers’ expectations.  This isn’t such an easy matter when one buyer may well have a different set of expectations from the next. However, there are general rules, and it’s best to know what these rules are so you can create the most fabulous showhome that exceeds every buyer’s expectations. Here, then, is your absolute guide to creating the best showhome for sale.

Make use of the best upholstery

While the colour theme of a room will always have an impact, there is something to be said about upholstery. The furniture pieces you choose should naturally complement each other, but if you are looking for something more outstanding, make a statement with the best upholstery. Upholstered bed heads and panels will always be stylish and elegant, and they can give any room a ‘boutique hotel’ vibe that’s hard to resist.

Show off the bed in all its glory

Buyers will walk into a bedroom (especially a master bedroom) with the complete expectation of seeing a beautiful space, and they will want to know immediately what the room is for. Since it’s a bedroom, you should show off the bed in all its glory. A bed made impeccably will score points with buyers, and nothing says ‘showhome’ more than a beautiful, well-made bed. So, make sure you tuck in the duvets and sheets, add a special and unique touch with throw pillows, and display cushions with colours that complement the bed. The bed should also be smooth, and everything in the bedroom should be neat and tidy. As showhome interior design experts recommend, you should also turn on the lamps and other lighting fixtures when buyers are going through the home so you can accentuate the beautiful features of every room.

Say it with symmetry

Any interior designer will readily tell you how much they appreciate symmetry – and your buyers will, too. Symmetry can come in the form of side tables on each end of a couch or sofa, and you can complete the look with matching or complementary lamps. You can also display cushions symmetrically and make use of accessories by grouping them, such as placing three decorative pieces on top of a fireplace or console to achieve gorgeous styling for any room.

Don’t forget a sleek and smart workstation

Most everyone works from home nowadays, but even if they don’t, it’s always pleasant to have a special nook or spot where they can do some paperwork and what-not. That said, don’t forget to set up a sleek and smart workstation. Even if the space is small, you can still set up a workstation with a narrow console or desk coupled with a great chair. Utilise shelves and hang them on the wall above the work spot so buyers can imagine themselves setting up camp and working there!

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