Why You Should Opt For A Kidney-shaped Pool If You Have A Limited Budget And A Small Backyard

Trends when it comes to pool design come and go, but a design that’s ridden the wave consistently this far, is kidney-shaped pools. Kidney-shaped pools had originally become popular in the 1940s. Since then, many homeowners have continued to opt for kidney-shaped pools in their backyards. This is because kidney-shaped pools go really well with most styles of homes, adding to the property value as well.

But rectangular fibreglass melbourne swimming pools remain by far, one of the most common choices among fibreglass pool owners. Why then, should you opt for a kidney-shaped pool? Surely they must have fallen out of fashion by now?

There are several reasons why many homeowners still choose to get kidney-shaped fibreglass pools. So what are they?

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Why Homeowners Choose To Get Kidney-shaped Pools

There are four main reasons that inspire people to get kidney-shaped pools. These include:

The Visual Likeness To A Natural Body Of Water

Rectangular pools have sharp edges, and they are designed to be symmetrical as well. This means that a standard fibreglass pool that’s rectangular in shape, won’t look anything like a pond, a lake, or any other natural water body.

The corners of a kidney-shaped pool are rounded slightly, and there’s also a small bend, that gives the pool the shape of a kidney. This makes a kidney-shaped pool look more visually appealing to people, who want to swim in something like a natural water body.

You can use the indentation space to grow plants or add other landscaping elements to integrate your pool into your backyard better.

Better Than Naturalistic Pool Designs

A kidney-shaped pool is easier to install than many pool designs that are naturalistic. Kidney-shaped pools are also more space efficient. Your kidney-shaped fibreglass pool can be more space efficient than even pools shaped like lagoons.

You also get access to more placement styles, depending on where you want the curve of the pool to be placed. You can get your fibreglass pool to bend around a particular corner of your house or even your pool deck. Kidney-shaped pools are also popular because they can easily fit into smaller-sized yards. If your budget is limited and should your backyard also be small in size, then kidney-shaped fibreglass pools can be perfect for your home.

Retro Appeal

Although kidney-shaped pools have been around since the 1940s, they gained popularity between the 1950s and 1960s. This means that a lot of the people who own pools today remember either having a kidney-shaped pool growing up or they knew someone who did.

To a lot of people, a kidney-shaped pool takes them back in time to when the design was just beginning to become glamorous. While not everyone gets a kidney-shaped pool for the retro appeal that it has, it’s still a fact to consider when getting this pool.

Kidney-shaped pools can fit in with homes of any style. If you’ve adopted a Mid-Century Modern design for your home, which has become a popular aesthetic, then kidney-shaped pools can be ideal for your home. This is as both the design of your home as well as your pool go back to the 1950s and 1960s.

The Design Is Functional

Kidney-shaped pools have been able to endure through the decades, and that’s only because the design is highly functional. You can use the bend in your kidney-shaped fibreglass pool as a line of demarcation between the shallow and the deep end of the pool.

Since the curve is only slight, you’ll still be able to swim laps in your pool and go diving in it. You can pretty much do everything in a kidney-shaped pool, that you can do with a rectangular pool.

You could also use the indentation in your pool deck as a seating area for people. You can add a large umbrella to the seating area as well. If you want, you can even get a spa attached to one end of your kidney-shaped pool.

The Popularity Of Kidney-Shaped Pools

The kidney-shaped pool is a design that’s seen as iconic. From celebrity homes to regular homeowners, there was a time when everyone was opting for a kidney-shaped pool. The good news is that the Mid Century Modern aesthetic, that kidney-shaped pools are so closely associated with, continues to be popular.

While there have been older aesthetics that have witnessed a decline in popularity, that doesn’t apply to the Mid Century Modern aesthetic. By extension, kidney-shaped pools have also continued to remain popular.

In case your home was built in the 1940s or 1950s, and you want a pool that matches the aesthetics of your home. Then consider a kidney-shaped pool, as it could be perfect for your home. But it isn’t just the Mid Century Modern aesthetic that kidney-shaped pools lend themselves well to, but also most modern home designs as well.

Architects who take inspiration from nature, are also turning to kidney-shaped pools in the homes they design. This is because they are able to use something other than rectilinear lines, which are so common in modern designs. Instead, a kidney-shaped pool will reflect the shape of a natural water body, with smoother edges all around. You can even add other organic elements, such as waterfalls, sun shelves, and more. Kidney-shaped pools have endured through the years, and their popularity doesn’t seem to be declining anytime soon.


Kidney-shaped pools have been popular since the 1940s, but their popularity has risen and fallen over the years. These days, more and more homeowners are opting to get a kidney-shaped fibreglass pool for their homes. This is as a kidney-shaped pool goes well with the styles of most homes, and can increase the property value of the home as well.

Kidney-shaped pools also have a functional design, and you can use the small nook it creates at one end as everything from a seating area, to a pool spa. This guide can help you learn what a kidney-shaped pool is, and help you decide whether you should get one.


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