What Can You Put Over Epoxy Flooring?

Whether you are on the verge of turning your home floor into a dashing showroom to decorate toys, cars, and tools or want to fix cracks and seal the home floor, choosing epoxy as the premier home floor coating is of tremendous benefits. Enhancing the durability and style of your floor with Sika is what makes you improvise the looks and performance of your home floors.

One of the trendiest and most durable finishes you can apply to your home floor in today’s world is the epoxy coating. In this guide, you will be enlightened with the beneficial factors of epoxy coating for the home’s floors. But before shedding light on why epoxy is the premier home floor coating choice, here’s enlightening you with the introduction to epoxy coating.

An Introduction to Epoxy Coating

Epoxy coating is used both for residential as well as commercial purposes. Delivering a showroom shine to your home or shop floor, epoxy coating enhances the texture of your home floor. But the type of application you choose is highly dependent on choosing the coating. A wide array of understated solid colours and hues are available. From custom colours and metallic colour pigments to numerous blends of colour flakes, the epoxy coating has the ability to match your style.

Benefits of Epoxy Coating

The benefits of epoxy coating have been mentioned right below.

Durable and Resilient

Apart from its magnificent aesthetics, the thick and hardened application which you get from the epoxy coating is very resilient and durable to clipping, impacts, stains, chemicals, as well as abrasion. In such a scenario, when you drip a wrench, or a cycle falls, you just don’t have to panic. Epoxy can transform the overall aesthetics of your home.

Cover over minor imperfections

With the inclusion of the thicker coating, it becomes easy to cover the minor imperfections, including flaws in the concrete or the small spider cracks. Being a topical sealer by its nature, epoxy also acts as an anti-duster. Epoxy coating is much similar to the dust in any home that is created from the powder. The normal traffic on the bare concrete is able to kick up the dusty powder that comes with a tendency of collecting on the tool benches, cars, as well as storage items.


The epoxy coating acts as a topical coating that is naturally moisture resistant. This is of huge benefit for the folks who reside in snowy climates. Making an easy cleaning process for the icy brines and road salts helps in collecting the elements on the floor during the time of winter.

Epoxy coating is not painted; instead, it happens to be an actual thermosetting resin applied as a coating. Choosing epoxy coating from a reputed Epoxy Coating Supplier might be of huge benefit for your home to look stunning even when you don’t invest a lot of time on cleaning. In a nutshell, your home gets a new look when you choose to go for epoxy coating.


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