Small Living Room Ideas: 20+ Inspiring Designs for a Tiny Home

In every home, the living room always becomes the best spot where all the family members, friends, and the coming guests gather around to do some joyful things. Therefore, you have to decorate it as proper as possible so everyone will adore your living room loves to stay around for hours and hours. However, for you who have a living room with small dimensions, it can be such a difficult job to do, right?

Well, check out these inspiring small living room ideas below that you can use as the ultimate reference.

Best Small Living Room Ideas

Small Living Room: Earthy Neutral Decor

Small Living Room: Earthy Neutral Decor

White is always a good option to colorize a small living room since it can give a bright overall look and wider impression. Here, the color is applied to the walls and ceiling with some focal points in a similar color, creating an adorable harmonious look with a cozy nuance. The wood elements and indoor plants then give a more catchy touch in a very natural way.

Small Living Room: Simple Catchy Decor

Small Living Room: Simple Catchy Decor

An off-white sectional, brown leather ottoman and a velvet green chair gorgeously decorate this small living room with the white background color. They provide good comfort which is enough to welcome everyone. A floating shelf with some wall arts decorates one side of the wall which gives a more decorative touch to the overall look of the room.

Small Living Room: Cozy Stylish Decor

Small Living Room: Cozy Stylish Decor

Though this living room is designed with a narrow layout, it still feels so exhilarating with the complete features that it provides. A mid-sizes sectional in grey is the main sitting area of the room with a round coffee table with white top complements it. A fireplace is also installed in the corner of the room which enhances its style and coziness very well.

Small Living Room: Catchy Neutral Decor

Small Living Room: Catchy Neutral Decor

The combination of white as the background color and grey sectional as the focal point creates an elegant neutral overall look to this living room. Those wall arts, a rug with geometric patterns, throw pillows, and indoor plant then becomes the element which simply makes the room look more attractive. The wood flooring warms up the atmosphere inside the room but still keeps its neutral nuance beautifully.

Small Living Room: Gorgeous Rustic Decor

Small Living Room: Gorgeous Rustic Decor

The wallpaper with exposed brick pattern instantly brings the rustic style to the decor of this small living room. The wood and ethnic elements enhance the rusticness of the decor attractively. A grey sofa as the focal point then gives a more modern twist which complements the nuance of the room as well.

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Let’s decorate your very own living room now!

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