Simple Ways to Maximise Your Small Home

Many of us find it challenging to organise our small homes. There never seems to be enough space to store our collection of things, those items we have amassed through the years. They end up cluttering and eating up precious space. You wish you had a bigger place to solve the problem. However, some perks come with living in a small house, one of which is it is easier to clean and maintain.

When it comes to maximising space, there are ways to get it done. It only takes resourcefulness and a firm decision to resolve the space issue.

Start with your living room

Living room furniture takes up a lot of space, so you should choose smaller pieces that allow you more space around them. You may also want to get furniture that works double-duty, such as an ottoman with storage or a couch with a skirt that can hide bins of magazines, for instance. Choose a lighter colour scheme for your living room walls to give it a wider appearance. Enhance your walls with colourful artwork as an accent, preferably a larger piece. It creates the same illusion of more space. You can also decorate with mirrors that reflect light and make your living room appear more spacious. Add floating shelves that can hold decorative pieces and photographs or a built-in bookcase to keep your favourite books. They work as storage places without taking up floor space.

Spruce up your kitchen and bathroom

A tiny kitchen can be transformed into a pleasant and cosy area of your house. You can utilise floating shelves here as well to keep your kitchen essentials organised and within reach. Rid your countertops of clutter so you can use them for food preparation. Repaint it with a lighter, neutral colour to give it a fresh look and provide a roomier atmosphere. Check out suppliers of fitted kitchens in Wrexham and have the kitchen you always dreamed of in your small home.

Give your bathroom a makeover. Declutter and get rid of unnecessary items that use up space. Utilise the space above your toilet with a hanging shelf to hold jars and bottles of lotion, cream, etc. Install hooks behind the bathroom door for hanging.

Make your bedroom comfortable

A small bedroom can be cosy if it is not overcrowded with things. Keep your bedroom furniture to a minimum, preferably using furnishings that can serve other purposes. It would help to have a bed that comes with built-in storage for bedding and other clothing items. If not, you can always use the space underneath to store the same items in bins. As in other rooms of your house, floating shelves are useful inside your bedroom as well. You will still want to have things on display. Your window ledge can also be a place to set your potted plants and framed photos. Stick to a lighter colour scheme in your bedroom, not only because it will make it look wider but because it will also set the atmosphere for relaxation.

The size of your house should not discourage you from transforming it into a comfortable and attractive home. By utilising your organisational skills and creativity, you can maximise every inch of space in your small home.

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