Seasonal Trends of Bed Bugs Everyone Should Know About

Bed bugs can affect anyone. They will target clean or dirty homes and hotels and can easily move between premises as they are adept at hiding in bags and even pockets.

The good news is that bed bugs don’t carry disease. The bad news is that they bite you, draw a little blood, and leave a nasty, itchy red welt.

They are also very difficult to eliminate as they are great at hiding and multiply quickly. That’s why it is a good idea to call the exterminators and have them deal with a bed bug issue.

Of course, you need to be aware of the key signs of a bed bug problem, other than the red welts on your skin. It can help to understand the seasonal trends of bed bugs. This will help you to contact your local pest control firm and arrange an annual inspection at the right time.

Warmer Climates

Bed bugs are hardy and can survive in most climates. This makes them an all-year-round issue. However, research shows that bed bugs are much more active in the summer months than the winter ones. This is simply because they prefer the heat.

But, the rate of infestation increases across the warmer months for another reason. When the weather is warmer people tend to travel more, taking vacations and day trips to enjoy the weather. This increases the opportunity for the bed bugs to move between properties and increases the number of cases of bed bugs in the summer months.

Bed Bug Mobility

Research also shows that bed bugs tend to be more mobile in warmer climates. In fact, in cooler weather, a bed bug can go from egg to adult in just 60 days. But, if the weather is warmer, this can happen in as little as 14 days! In short, as the temperature climbs the number of bed bugs will dramatically increase.

Add that to the fact that they move around more and appear to cover the ground faster and you understand why bed bug infestations tend to dramatically increase during the summer months.

Signs Of Infestation

To help prevent bed bug infestation and the spreading of these pests you need to be aware of the most common signs that they are present.

Aside from the red welts on your body the best place to start is your bed. If you notice rust spots or dark brown spots then you have squashed bugs or blood from where they have bitten you.

You can also inspect the mattress, the corners of your bed, and all the soft furnishings in a room. Bed bugs are just 4mm in size but they will be visible with a flashlight.

Don’t forget, while you can buy over-the-counter products to exterminate the bed bugs, this is a complicated and difficult process. It is better to get the experts to deal with the issue. They have the experience and the tools, as well as offering a guarantee to give you peace of mind.

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