Navy Dining Room Ideas: 10+ Striking Designs with Bold Color

We know that it can be quite confusing and difficult to choose a certain color for a room since there are tons of colors out there that you can choose. For a dining room, some homeowners may prefer to choose a bright shade but others may like a slightly darker one. Among many dark colors that you can, we would love to recommend the navy blue shade to use.

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For your ultimate reference, we have prepared our best picks of navy dining room ideas just for you!

Best Navy Dining Room Ideas

Navy Dining Room: Dazzling Mid Century

Navy Dining Room Ideas 1

Well, you don’t have to colorize the whole room with navy blue because just like this idea, only some parts with navy shade can bring a beautiful and elegant overall look. The wood elements also help warm the look.

Navy Dining Room: Casual Dining Room

Navy Dining Room Ideas 2

A casual dining room that looks so cozy with a dining bench creates an inviting look for your coming guests and family members. Earthy elements can be a good option to add a warmer accent.

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Navy Dining Room: Stylish Bold Background

Navy Dining Room Ideas 3

If you’re too afraid that it will look too bold, use navy blue as an accent for a particular part of the wall. In this idea, the navy is used to cover the side of the dining room next to the window so it looks less dark.

Navy Dining Room: Elegant Modern Decor

Navy Dining Room Ideas 4

Instead of using only one shade, you can mix it with other blue shades like this pastel or light blue. Adding gold accents and other brighter shades can also help to brighten up the look.

Navy Dining Room: Striking Contemporary Design

Navy Dining Room Ideas 5

The combination of rustic and modern elements in this dining room creates a striking finish that looks elegant yet captivating. The color gives a bold finish while the dining set provides a more casual nuance.

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Navy Dining Room: Fresh Nautical Vibe

Navy Dining Room Ideas 6

If you don’t want to use matte paint, you might want to consider using wallpaper. This wallpaper gives a fresh nautical vibe that also matches the blue dining chairs.

Navy Dining Room: Modern Farmhouse Style

Navy Dining Room Ideas 7

Here is another way to make a unique look for your dining room using the blue color on half of the walls. The harmony of white, navy, and wood elements looks beautifully balanced.

Navy Dining Room: Eye-Catching Minimalist Look

Navy Dining Room Ideas 8

For those who have an open dining room and want to make it looks unique, you can use navy blue to differentiate the room from another so it looks stands out.

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Navy Dining Room: Elegant Matte Navy

Navy Dining Room Ideas 9

An elegant dining room that is dominated by navy blue looks so bold and eye-catching by its matte finish. The off-white dining set adds a slightly brighter accent that beautifies it even more.

Navy Dining Room: Striking Vintage Nuance

Navy Dining Room Ideas 10

The matte navy blue surroundings look bold yet warm thanks to the dark wood dining set and the chandelier that give a vintage feeling. This simple dining room is perfect for homeowners who have a narrow dining room.

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The navy blue shade is definitely one of the shades that you need to consider using in your dining room!

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