Living Room Design Ideas: 10+ Styles You Need to See

The living room is like the heart of the home because it’s where you gather around with family members and friends in a comfortable atmosphere. Of course, there are various points that can affect the ambiance of the living room to make everyone feels homey. Other than decor items and wall color, the general design also holds an important role.

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For you who’re looking for a living room idea, we’ve compiled ten living room design ideas to inspire you!

Best Living Room Design Ideas

Living Room Design Ideas: Minimalist Design

Living Room Design Ideas 1

This design is one of the best everlasting options that will never fail to impress you. The cozy ambiance in this warm earthy living room gives a relaxing and calming feeling from its color tones.

Living Room Design Ideas: Cool Scandinavian Look

Living Room Design Ideas 2

Those who love the cool tones of Scandinavian design will love this. Off-white furniture, rug, and wood accents bring more warmth and brighten up this space more.

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Living Room Design Ideas: Stylish Monochromatic

Living Room Design Ideas 3

Bring more dimension to a narrow living room by using a few monochromatic shades like black and grey. To attract attention from its narrow size, create a wall gallery by using some bright paintings.

Living Room Design Ideas: Simple Open Plan

Living Room Design Ideas 4

This living room looks simple and airy with its open plan. Instead of using a big sofa, a simple off-white sofa and black coffee table can be a great choice to perfect the minimalist style.

Living Room Design Ideas: Striking Background

Living Room Design Ideas 5

If you want to add a striking feature to a minimalist living room, you might want to decorate the backdrop behind the TV. To brighten it up, hang some wall decor in a brighter color.

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Living Room Design Ideas: Stylish Mid-Century

Living Room Design Ideas 6

The modern design is a perfect option to bring a stylish overall finish. In this image, the room is filled with wood, metal, gold, and bronze elements that complete each other in an elegant way.

Living Room Design Ideas: Breezy Cottage

Living Room Design Ideas 7

If you want to create an airy and breezy look in a living room, a nautical or cottage concept is the best choice. The wood, white, and light blue accents are a perfect match to mix to get a fresh look.

Living Room Design Ideas: Bold and Decorative

Living Room Design Ideas 8

Having a white surrounding that is close to a window can also help you to explore the decorative items. The striking decor items in this living room create an aesthetic finish from each uniqueness.

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Living Room Design Ideas: Bright Pastel Decor

Living Room Design Ideas 9

Pastel tones are good to use in a small living room and make a wider illusion. To avoid a plain look, you might want to use other tones like gold, bronze, wood, or light grey as accents.

Living Room Design Ideas: Lovely Pastel Shade

Living Room Design Ideas 10

Another minimalist design that gives a mid-century and boho feeling to the furniture and decor items. Other than neutral shades, pastel ones are also great to enhance the minimalism of the room.

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All you need to do is choose the best living room idea that suits your taste and happy decorating!



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