4 Ways On How to Light Living Rooms without Overhead Lighting

Since living rooms are spaces where your beloved ones gather, you want to make them as comfortable as possible. When it comes to lighting, it’s one of the important things that will affect the ambiance of the room. However, the problem is that not every house has a space that can accommodate an overhead lighting installation like an old house, small apartment, studio, or other reasons that could be the cause.

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How to Light Living Rooms without Overhead Lighting

Here we have some options that you can use to brighten up your living room with no overhead lighting.

Option 1: Freestanding Floor Lamps

How to Light Living Rooms without Overhead Lighting 1

The simplest solution that you can do is by having freestanding floor lamps in the corner or on each side of the sofa.

  • If you decide to place the lamp on each side of the furniture, you would want to choose the one with a shade so it won’t be too bright. Shaded lamps will create a warm and romantic ambiance to the room, unlike bright lighting that will suit both formal and casual occasions.
  • For brighter lighting fixtures, you can place them in the corner of the room or next to the sitting area because it’s suitable to give bright lighting instead of the shaded one.

Option 2: Wall-Mounted Sconces

How to Light Living Rooms without Overhead Lighting 2

If you’re afraid to place floor lamps just in case they fill up the spot, you might want to consider sconces instead. Just like other lighting fixtures, there are a few styles that you can choose based on your needs and personal preference.

One of the styles that you can consider is plug-in sconces where you use electricity as the main source. Again, there are various sconces designs to match the concept of your living room to create a stunning look.

Option 3: Table Lamps

How to Light Living Rooms without Overhead Lighting 3
  • Table or desk lamps can be used if you want lighting fixtures that are more ‘compact’, affordable, and easy to move. Of course, floor lamps are the same but sometimes they can be difficult to move around due to their big size. Also, table or desk lamps are simpler and you can always use them as decoration in a spot that you want to decorate.
  • Another way that you can maximize the lighting is by hanging a mirror or even placing the lamp next to the mirror to reflect the light throughout the entire room.

Option 4: Mix Lighting

How to Light Living Rooms without Overhead Lighting 4

When one kind of lighting is not enough to brighten up the whole living room, you will have to mix some lighting fixtures at once. The lighting fixture mix can be the mix of desk or table lamps, inflammable candles, and string lights.

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If your living room doesn’t have overhead lighting, you might want to try one of these options to make your living room becomes brighter and also aesthetic by using lighting with various styles, shapes, and designs.

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