DIY: How to Heat a Swimming Pool in 4 Cheap Ways

There are various ways that homeowners can do to make their outdoor living space feel cozier and looks attractive. Among many options, a swimming pool still becomes one of the favorite outdoor features, especially for those who love aquatic activities. Chilling and soaking your body in the summer is the best feeling ever.

Also, there will always be moments when you want to experience a different sensation in a warmer temperature. However, it might cost you more to purchase a pool heater or even a hot tub so let’s just skip these options. If you’re looking for other options, we have some for your reference although it won’t be as smooth as a pool heater.

How to Heat a Swimming Pool

We have four options that you can choose based on your needs and budget to heat your swimming pool. The four options are:

  • Black Hose (around 400 feet in length or long enough to cover the length from the pool pump to the sun-exposed area)
  • Solar Cover
  • Solar Rings
  • Liquid Solar Cover

For more detailed usage of each supply, check out the tutorial below:

Option 1: Solar Cover

A solar cover is not only to cover the pool but also to prevent the water from evaporating. The cost that you have to spend to purchase a solar cover is around $4o to $100.

  • Purchase a solar cover that suits the dimension and shape of your pool.
  • Let it sit for quite some time until you’re sure that the water is warm enough for your needs.

Option 2: Black Hose

We all know that dark colors absorb heat easily and faster so you can use this under the sunlight. This option will only cost you around $150 to $300.

  • Untangle the hose.
  • Connect it to the swimming pool pump.
  • Place the hose under sunlight exposure.
  • Wrap it in a coil form to retain heat well.
  • Put the other open end of the hose in the swimming pool.

Option 3: Liquid Solar Cover

If you prefer to use something invisible, the liquid option is the right choice. This liquid chemical works to create a barrier that prevents heat loss and is specifically designed for swimming pools.

  • All you need to do is by following the manufacturer’s instructions to find out the amount of product that you can add to your swimming pool.

Option 4: Solar Rings

Solar rings basically work similarly to the pool cover but in different forms. The numbers of solar rings that you need depend on the size of your swimming pool.

  • Purchase solar rings based on the size of your swimming pool.
  • Put them on the pool and make sure they are enough to cover the surface properly.
  • Let them heat up your pool water.

Those are some options that you can choose to heat your pool water instead of a heater. The plus point is that you don’t have to worry about the monthly bill since you will only need to spend money on the supplies at the beginning.

However, you have to find the best day to use these options since basically, you’re relying the whole process on natural heat from sunlight. So, will you try one of these tips?

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