How to Fill In Dining Room Walls in 7 Creative Ways

Some people might think that a dining room doesn’t have to be decorated because it’s ‘just’ a spot to eat and it doesn’t have anything to see. Well, we are not going to refute this opinion because yes, it’s true. However, some homeowners prefer to decorate their dining rooms to make them look fuller and make the ambiance feels less awkward.

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How to Fill In Dining Room Walls

Rustic Wall Accents

How to Fill In Dining Room Walls 1

Not a fan of decorative items and want to make it looks warmer instead? Exposed brick accents can be a good option. There are various ways that you can do to achieve this look, you can either use real bricks or by applying 3D wallpaper if you’re not sure about the real brick.

Patterned Wallpaper

How to Fill In Dining Room Walls 2

Yes, this option is pretty popular and used by a lot of homeowners to bring a unique overall finish. For those who love a decorative look, you would want to choose the one with patterns. If you’re planning to put other decor items, pick a wallpaper with subtle patterns and soft colors.

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Minimalist Gallery Wall

How to Fill In Dining Room Walls 3

The gallery wall is the most common wall decor that everyone can do because it’s quite simple. If you’re planning to make this in your dining room, it will definitely add a unique sight that looks attractive. The color choice will also affect the overall finish which becomes more stunning.

Wainscot and Wallpaper

How to Fill In Dining Room Walls 4

Mixing both textures and accents at once can make a good combination as long as you have a perfect balance for each element. In this idea, blue wallpaper with accents and wainscoting at the bottom make a beautiful finish. If you want to add another decor item, a mirror or minimalist painting can be a good option.

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Simple Floating Shelves

How to Fill In Dining Room Walls 5

Not a fan of wallpaper and painting and want to hang something that is more functional? A mirror and floating shelves are the answer! Choose a medium-sized mirror and place it in the middle of the wall. On each side, hang simple floating shelves that you can use to put some decor items.

Rustic Decor

How to Fill In Dining Room Walls 6

The rustic decor will never fail to create a stunning and elegant finish. It’s also one of the easiest concepts that you can get by using simple and affordable supplies. Just like this idea, you can hang two vases and letter decor to make a cozy feeling. Again, choosing decor with matching colors can enhance the artsy look even more.

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Luxury Wall Decor

How to Fill In Dining Room Walls 7

For people who have a modern house and to make it looks more stylish, this one can be a good option. The painting and clear cupboard organizers look breathtaking, especially with the lighting that makes this spot becomes more eye-catching. Choosing an abstract painting with an accent is great to balance the surrounding of the room.

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Now grab your tools and start decorating your dining wall to look better immediately!

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