How To Create a Beautiful Hampton Inspired Kitchen

If you are enthusiastic about housing, you might have thought of having a Hamptons kitchen in your home. This is a classical style that dominates Australian homes. Blending elegance, charm, and style, this particular design brings you beautiful interiors. So, if you are willing to renovate your kitchen, this post would prove to be helpful.

Creating a beautiful Hampton inspired kitchen

Let’s explore how you can create beautiful Hampton inspired kitchens for your home.

1.Get soft Coastal tones

When you visualize a typical Hampton kitchen, you think of cost coastal tones. Look out for shades like ash grey, eucalyptus, pale sage, and blue. If you love deeper shades, go for punches with olive and navy blue. This contrast can also elicit the much-needed visual appeal in your home.

2. Stone bench tops

Image by user32212 from Pixabay

Do you love having an aesthetic appeal in your homes? Benchtops with stone looks elegant. How about going for the classic white and grey marble in your kitchen along with a low-maintenance material? White bench tops made of stone also appeal to the eyes. You may also go for a warmer stone look along with soft grey veins.

3. Get an open layout

Well, if you want to enjoy a welcoming and relaxed tone in your home that makes the kitchen look more spacious, go for an open layout. While carrying out your kitchen renovations Sydney, the experts would configure large windows and mirrors strategically. This would make the kitchen look even more spacious.

In the kitchen island, get some barstools. This can be any painted or raw timber that would encourage your family members in having casual meals while cooking.

4. Timber flooring

Coming to the floor, try to get a cool coastal feel when you design the kitchen. Engineered timber along with wide floorboards can fit into this style. Also, you have the option of getting patterned timber flooring like chevron or herringbone. In case you are on a tight budget, you can go for laminate flooring that resembles timber.

5. Character lighting

kitchen light
Image by Ryan Doka from Pixabay

How do you plan to light up your kitchen? Reputed designers recommend illuminating the space with statement lighting around the kitchen island. You can go for pendants in the shape of metal domes, or oversized lanterns. In some homes, you will also come across drum shades with linen-cover.

6. Butler’s sink

Butler’s sinks are large and often look oversized. So, these sinks are ideal for your kitchens if you are trying to elicit the farmhouse-like essence. As a benefit, you would be able to accommodate large dishes in this sink. So, if you are renovating your kitchen, upgrade it to a butler’s sink from a standard one.

7. Decorative elements

Thinking about having some decorative elements in your Hamptons kitchen to elevate its looks? Get some handcrafted ceramics, a potted orchid, and some crisp tea towels. Place a bowl filled with fruits and some elegant hand soaps around your kitchen. This would make it look elegant and aristocratic.

Consult a reputed designer for the best ideas to renovate your kitchen. If you are planning a renovation, these Hampton kitchen ideas will help you out.


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