How to Bring a Modern Feel to Your Home

Modern interior design emphasizes functionality, simplicity, and clean lines. Interior design has evolved over the past years, and we have seen styles change from traditional looks with rustic themes to mid-century modern and Scandinavian designs. Advanced technology has seen the evolution of interior designs as the tastes of people have improved and changed over the years, with new structures and accessories popping up. Minimalist home decor is making waves right now due to its functionality and ultra-modern look. 

The use of simple, clean lines and edges is in vogue, with Form-Follows-Function being a very essential principle on which modern interior design is based. Modern houses are now minimalist with the use of beautiful neutral colors and large uncluttered spaces that allow lots of natural light to come in. They give a calm, serene vibe due to the types of patterns and colors used, with black accents as highlights. Modern interior design is all the rage now, and we will show you how to create yours through the steps below. 

An Open Floor Plan 

Modern houses come with an open floor plan as this is an essential feature that defines them. An open floor plan helps to avoid unnecessary walls separating rooms together. It creates a smooth experience where the bedroom, kitchen, dining room, and living room are all linked together for easy access and communication with friends and family. This design also ensures adequate air flow and ample sunlight to keep the house looking vibrant. 

This modern design helps to make the house feel cozier and more welcoming because you don’t have to leave the kitchen to get entertained or talk with people in the living room. 

Modern Flooring 

Large tiles, polished concrete, and bare hardwood floors are really popular options for flooring now because they are easy to install and have cutting-edge finishes. Natural colors that go with your color palette should be used for the tiles or marbles so they can be accentuated. 

You can use different textures for the kitchen and living room with good blending to add a new feel and depth to the space. There are different rug designs that can be put in place in the dining room or bedrooms to improve the classy look of the room. All you need to do is try to achieve more with less by making sure the flooring is uniform and well-designed. 

The Use of Neutral Colors 

Modern interior designs are all about neutral color palettes with a monochrome style. The furniture, floors, walls, and ceilings should have neutral colors, while the accessories or curtains can have black accents to give a sleek feel to the room.

Colors that are not overly bright, such as gray, black, white, and brown, are great for rooms and furniture pieces because they make the details of their structure stand out. Keep in mind that you should keep everything neat and clean, so avoid adding too many elements or colors, as this may cause a cluttered effect. 

Industrial Elements and Minimalism 

Modernism in interior design circles around the use of industrial elements. Thanks to the advancement in technology, we are able to use steel, concrete, and high-precision glass for adding details and styling our homes. A lot of popular designs now center on clean, straight lines with minimal decorations. The design of cabinets, shelves, bed frames, etc. is done in modern houses with the adoption of this method. The industrial elements give the house a vibrant look and when paired well with lights, it creates a haven-like look. 

The use of natural materials to support minimalist styles is popular now too. Wood and rock are the top organic materials that are used in the interior designs of homes. Not only do they beautify spaces, but they also bridge the gap between outdoors and indoors and bring you closer to nature. 

Natural Light Sources and Simple Lighting

The sun is the best source of light, and there’s a feeling of warmth it brings as it shines across rooms in a house. Since there are lots of open spaces and neutral colors, it gives room for the sun to reflect and dazzle the beautiful ornaments you have. You should try to maximize this light and make sure the perspective of the spaces allows enough natural light into the house. Make sure your windows and open spaces are facing north. Skylights are also great fixtures to allow natural light in.

Artificial lights are very useful during the night, and they serve multiple purposes. They can be used to see things clearly and to add certain spices to rooms. You can use LED lights of different colors on walls, ceilings, and lamps to give your house a cool effect and make it very cozy. 

If you’re looking for lighting by a classic master, Louis Poulsen lighting at House&Hold creates some of the most iconic modern lighting available. Their PH5 pendant and Panthella table / floor lamps embody everything wonderful about modern lighting.

Modern Low and Long Furniture 

Furniture is a very important aspect of any modern interior design. Furniture that has straight lines and little decorative pieces should be used for modern interiors. The beauty of the structures should lie in their surfaces and patterns. They should have plain fabric designs, and those that have bold shapes or patterns should be avoided. The furniture used in the living room and dining area should be kept simple and clean. 

Furniture made from natural sources like wood should be low and long, especially those in the kitchen. They give the space a very modern look and can be styled with different finishes such as chrome, glass, etc., depending on your preference. Houses with low and long furniture both indoors and outdoors have an instant elegant image. 

How to Create a Modern Interior Design in Summary 

Modern designs make your house more welcoming and beautiful, not just to you, but to anyone you share them with. Whether you are building a new home or renovating your current one, these modern interior designs are worth considering. 

You just have to take your time to figure out which materials and colors you want for your house to give it the look you have always dreamed of. Start right away with this guide on how to create a modern interior design and personalize it to your taste.

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