How long does professional carpet cleaning take?

Now that you have made up your mind to call in the carpet cleaning professionals, you might be wondering how much time the entire process would take. After all, you need to spare your rooms for carpet cleaning, which might require to hold up regular activities for some time. Whether you want to dry wet carpet or seek deep cleaning services at the scheduled hour, knowing the duration of cleaning would ease up your proceedings.

To give you a short answer, cleaning the carpet in each room might take around 45 minutes. However, this would not give you a concrete answer, right? You need to consider the number of rooms in your home, whether or not you have pets, how nasty the stains are, and a plethora of factors. All these aspects cumulatively determine how much time the carpet cleaning task would take.

Average time carpet cleaners take to do their task

Let’s take a closer look at how much time carpet cleaning might take. You will also get to know the factors that decide the required time.

The carpeted area

Depending on the size of your house and the number of rooms, the carpeted area would vary. This would have a direct impact on the cleaning time required.

  • For instance, if you have a small house with two bedrooms and a living room, the professionals can deliver the service in 2 hours.
  • It might take the experts around 3.5 hours to clean the carpet in 4 bedrooms, the living room, and the dining room. This also includes pet stain cleaning in one room.
  • For large homes with 6 bedrooms having a large living room, theatre room, and a staircase, carpet cleaning might take around 6 hours.

Pet stains are tough to remove. In case you have pet stains on your carpet, the cleaning process might take thrice the usual time needed. Besides, the larger the rooms, the more would be your carpet area. This implies that the cleaning time would also be longer.

The material

The fabric used to make the carpet significantly determines the time needed to clean it. For instance, if you have wool carpets, cleaning the material would take more time. Besides, professional cleaners take adequate care while working on such natural fibres. The very nature of the material implies that the cleaning process would be time-consuming.

Established carpet cleaners use only approved cleaning agents, that would be safe for your carpet. In some carpets, they use high heat to pacify the cleaning process. Heat can seamlessly cut through soil and grease that synthetic carpets generally accumulate.

Odours and pet stains

Families having pets might want to remove odours and stains from their carpets while cleaning them. Depending on the intensity of cleaning, it might take between one to two hours to clean each room. Particularly, if you want to remove pet odours, the experts would recommend a deep cleaning. This would take around one hour, as cleaning the carpet superficially would not do any good.

In case you need carpet cleaning services, or want to hire experts to deal with your wet carpet Brisbane, reach out to an established company. With affordable and reliable services, the professionals would help you restore a pleasant vibe in your interiors.

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