Easy Ways to Reduce Heating & Cooling Cost

While having an AC in your home or office happens to be a necessity to control the indoor climate, you probably know the energy expenses you incur as a fallout. Installing an AC can result in as much as a 50% spike in the energy consumption in your home. Naturally, you would be keen to try and slash unnecessary energy expenses. Reputed Geelong gas and electrical professionals recommend some strategies that can reduce the energy bills for heating and cooling.

Effective ways to reduce HVAC cost at your home

Let’s find out some of the best ways to curtail your energy bills.

1. Close the vents

Do the lower walls of your room have several vents? Well, these vents might be leaking cool air, making your AC toil unnecessarily harder. Make sure to close all the vents, particularly the ones under the doors or beside your windows. This way, the colder air would get redirected to the parts of your room that are still warm. After a while, the temperature would even up throughout the room. So, your AC would be running for a shorter period, thereby saving your energy bills.

2. Get a programmable thermostat

Besides carrying out timely gas and electrical safety checks, make sure to install a programmable thermostat. Many a time, you might forget turning your HVAC system off after you reach the desired indoor temperature. As the AC keeps running, it leads to the wastage of energy. At the month-end, you repent shelling out high energy bills.

With a programmable thermostat, your AC would turn the compressor off when it reaches the desired temperature. Besides, you can set the thermostat in such a way that your indoor remains cool before you get into the room. You can also set timers to control the operational hours of your AC.

3. Keep the filters clean

The next priority is to keep the filters of your AC clean. As these filters accumulate debris, they make the system work harder. This reflects in terms of higher electricity bills. When the filters get clogged by dirt, dust, and pollen, it prevents the air from circulating properly in the interiors.

To ensure optimal performance of your AC, you need to get the air filter replaced every two to three months. While it’s easy to replace the filters yourself, you should clean them every month. Your HVAC service providers can also replace the filters during their routine maintenance services.

4. Close the drapes

Just like your cars, your home can also get hot on continual exposure to the sun. To prevent direct sunrays from heating your interiors, close the drapes around the skylights and windows. This way, you can retain the cool air indoors, preventing it from getting heated due to the exterior heat. It pays to invest in thick blinds and curtains as well.

Also, make sure to seal the cracks and crevices around your room. This way, you can trap the cool air, making your AC for fewer hours.

When you carry out electrical and gas safety checks, make sure that the connections of your HVAC system are fine. With professional support from HVAC experts, you can reduce the costs for cooling and heating geelong of your home significantly.


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