Does AC good for health?

In the cities, living without an AC is like having a nightmare all day and night and it has become a part and parcel of our living conditions. But does AC do worse than good or is it the vice versa? There are many viewpoints in this regard but like most other appliances, it is applicable few air conditioners too that they have both good and bad effects on human health. Let’s consider the advantages and the disadvantages:


One of the most prominent advantages of air conditioners is that they make homes and offices a lot more comfortable for people living or working there. More importantly they can keep the elderly and the sick safer from heat related ailments. They are also used for safe keeping delicate machineries safe from heat stresses. With Ducted air con Sydney, you can certainly aim for excellent comfort level inside and also keep people safe. Some of the other advantages are

  • Capable of preventing heat strokes and dehydration: Excessive heat is the main cause of these two physical conditions that can be life threatening. ACs do effectively reduce air temperature inside closed premises and can save people from suffering heat strokes – that can be more fatal in elderly people.
  • Improved quality of air: most modern-day air conditioners come equipped with advanced air filters. These filters can efficiently filter out dust and bacteria, pollens and various other impurities and make sure that you get cleaner and healthier air indoors. Absence of pollens, microbes and other impurities allow people suffering from allergies, asthma or other respiratory problems free breathing space and help them keep healthy and going.


Like all scientific and technological inventions air conditioners have their disadvantages too. One is they consume a lot of electricity and substantially add to your power consumption bills. They are thus generally harming the environment as still now burning fossil fuel is the primary mode of generating electricity and that certainly leaves a very prominent carbon footprint on the environment. But this doesn’t directly concern the users and there are other disadvantages too for which they can directly suffer like:

  • Dry skin: long time exposure to air-conditioned atmosphere can make human skin lose its moisture. It becomes dry and more sensitive and often causes irritations and allergies.
  • Sudden temperature change can actually aggravate breathing and respiratory problems. Catching cold or having cough is a very ailment among people who suffer this sudden change in temperature on a regular basis.
  • Allergies and tract infections: unclean air conditioners can easily build up dust and other impurities like moulds and instead of giving you better quality does exactly the opposite. Presence of these things in the air can be dangerous for allergenic people or people suffering from asthma.

ACs can be both good and bad if not maintained properly and for regular maintenance and upkeep of your home and office air conditioners and Air Con Sydney is always there to help you in every possible way.


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