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Your bed is the most important part of your bedroom, and it needs to look great. A bedding set consists of a mattress cover, a fitted sheet, a duvet cover or a comforter, pillowcases, and a quilt or a coverlet. Bed covers aren’t only there for the decorative effect. They also need to be comfortable, soft, warm, and good for your skin.

If you’re not sure how to style your bed, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will talk about what to look for when buying a bedding set for your bed and how to style it the best way.

Only Buy High-Quality Materials

If you’re looking for bedding sets, UK stores will give you plenty of options when it comes to materials.

The most common materials used for bedding sets include cotton, tencel, linen, silk, and polyester. If you’re looking for the best fabric for your bedding, you can’t go wrong with Egyptian cotton. This fabric isn’t only top-quality, but it’s also the most luxurious option. Since Egyptian cotton is on the pricier side, you can also buy bedding sets from regular cotton. Sateen is another quality material that’s smooth to the touch.

Silk is also a wonderful material for sheets and pillowcases, but it’s more expensive than cotton. In most cases, bed linen is made from a combination of cotton and polyester. If you’re looking for hypoallergenic materials, the best ones are silk, organic cotton, and microfiber.

Choose a Colour That Matches the Room

Picking the right colour scheme for the bedding might not be as easy as you assume. Ideally, you’ll want the colours of the bedding set to match those of the bedroom. In addition, it should at least go with the colour of the bed frame.

White is the most common colour, but it gets dirty quickly. For those who don’t want plain white bed sheets, you can opt for a warmer tone, like beige, off-white, light blue, light grey, or cream. The colour you choose can also affect how you sleep, so it’s best to stick with warm neutral colours and avoid bright, saturated colours.

Don’t Forget About the Cushions

If you’re looking for a way to make the bed look less plain, try adding cushions and throw pillows. You can never have too many cushions. You can combine different colours, sizes, shapes, and patterns. Just remember to put the larger pillows at the back, against the bed frame, and stack them according to their size. The smallest cushions should go at the very front.

Just remember, you’ll have to remove all those cushions from the bed every night before you go to sleep and every morning when you’re getting ready for the day. So you may not want to put too many cushions and throw pillows on the bed.

Combine Different Colours and Patterns

bed pattern

Don’t be afraid to combine different colours and patterns. When it comes to colours, you can either choose bedding sets that have complementary colours or colours that create a contrast.

In terms of patterns, there’s a wide selection available, including floral, traditional, geometrical, checks, stripes, circles, plain, contemporary, and so on. There are even themed patterns for children and for the holidays, like Christmas patterns.

You can also use neutral-coloured covers and sheets, but pillows and cushions with different patterns.

Buy Bedding Sets for All Seasons

If you’re planning to buy more than one bedding set, you might as well get one for the summer and another for winter. Since you won’t be using a duvet in summer, you don’t need a duvet cover. In summer, you need to find materials that are breathable, and that help regulate moisture and temperature levels. A cotton is always a good option, no matter the season.

In winter, staying warm is more important than anything. For colder days, flannel or other thick-woven synthetic fibres are great options. You can also choose a cable-knit texture for colder months and switch between the covers when the weather gets too hot or too cold.

Find the Perfect Bedding Set for Your Bed

There’s no better feeling than going to bed and laying down on new, fresh, and clean sheets. If you’re not sure where to shop for bedding sets, UK stores that sell fabrics, curtains, and cushions, also usually sell great, high-quality bedding sets. The trick is to find a bedding set that matches the overall vibe in your bedroom, that has great quality, and that’s comfortable to sit and sleep on.

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