Attic Bedroom Ideas: 10+ Inspirations for Limited Space

Optimizing the attic area as a bedroom is a good way to keep both space and a cozy sleeping spot. There are some people who might don’t feel comfortable with an attic area because it looks narrow and feels stuffy. However, depending on how you style it, you can get a comfortable spot with good lighting quality. Just make sure that the air circulation system is good for your comfort.

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We have collected dozens of attic bedroom ideas that you can use if you are planning to get an attic bedroom.

Best Attic Bedroom Ideas

Attic Bedroom Ideas: Chic Small Bedroom

Attic Bedroom Ideas 1

One of the options that you can use to make the bedroom look less stuffy is by using a minimalist bed frame or opting it out. Also, using bright natural colors can help to brighten up the area and becomes more spacious.

Attic Bedroom Ideas: Cozily Decorated Bedroom

Attic Bedroom Ideas 2

To attract attention from the limited and small attic area, you can use eye-catching decor items. If you have an attic with a slanted ceiling, you might want to opt out of a bed frame and lay the bed on the ground instead.

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Attic Bedroom Ideas: Minimalist Beautiful Bedroom

Attic Bedroom Ideas 3

A good placement of the wallpaper can also affect the atmosphere of the room. In other words, whether the wallpaper with bright or dim color, if it’s placed near the lighting source, it can look more standout.

Attic Bedroom Ideas: Relaxing Scandinavian Style

Attic Bedroom Ideas 4

The Scandinavian style represents minimalism so it’s a perfect choice to use in a narrow spot. Choose neutral shades with wood elements for paint color, furniture, and decor items to make the room looks warmer.

Attic Bedroom Ideas: Fun and Colorful

Attic Bedroom Ideas 5

Using neutral shades for a small room is great but you can also add a few colorful items to give more details and variations. Just like this inspiration, you can add a colorful rug or a few pillows for a brighter effect.

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Attic Bedroom Ideas: Warm Earthy Vibe

Attic Bedroom Ideas 6

The domination of white and wood elements makes this bedroom looks calming and relaxing. Moreover, the high ceiling brings an illusion of a wider and roomy area.

Attic Bedroom Ideas: Jaw-dropping Concept

Attic Bedroom Ideas 7

If you love something unique with a vintage vibe, you can use this idea as a reference. The wood and exposed rock walls bring rustic nuance and it becomes complete with some retro and vintage furniture and decor items.

Attic Bedroom Ideas: Simple Scandinavian Feel

Attic Bedroom Ideas 8

A minimalist and warm atmosphere is the signature of the Scandinavian design that you can use for a bedroom. The earthy feel of the wood and the simplicity of this idea is a perfect ways to create a cozy bedroom.

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Attic Bedroom Ideas: Cool All-White

Attic Bedroom Ideas 9

This idea is a good example of the Scandinavian concept that you will make the room feels fresher. Especially if the bedroom has a good source of natural lighting to illuminate the whole area.

Attic Bedroom Ideas: Decorative Attic Look

Attic Bedroom Ideas 10

Just like the other bedroom, an attic room can also look decorative as long as you choose the right items and adjust them to the size of the room just like this cute and simple bedroom.

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So, all you have to do now is choose the attic bedroom idea that suits your taste and bring your stuff to the attic immediately!

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