Attic Bedroom Ideas: 22+ Useful Inspirations for Limited Space

Optimizing attic area as a bedroom is a good way to keep both space and a cozy sleeping spot. Well, there are some people who might don’t feel comfortable with an attic area because it looks narrow and feels stuffy. However, depending on how you style it, you can get a comfortable spot instead.

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For your ultimate reference, we have collected dozens of attic bedroom ideas that you can use if you are planning to get an attic bedroom.

Best Attic Bedroom Ideas

Attic Bedroom Ideas: Chic Small Bedroom

Attic Bedroom Ideas: Chic Small Bedroom

Although the attic area is usually small and limited, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get a cozy bedroom. Some options that you can try to make the bedroom look less stuffy is by using a minimalist bed frame or not using it at all. Also, by using bright natural color can help to brighten up the area becomes more spacious.

Attic Bedroom Ideas: Cozily Decorated Bedroom

Attic Bedroom Ideas: Cozily Decorated Bedroom

Some of the methods to use to attract people’s attention from the limited and small attic are by using eye-catching decor items. Not only for decor items but also the furniture. If you have an attic with a slanted ceiling, you might want to opt-out of a bed frame and lay the bed on the ground. Adding earthy elements or shades is a good idea to make it looks warmer.

Attic Bedroom Ideas: Minimalist Beautiful Bedroom

Attic Bedroom Ideas: Minimalist Beautiful Bedroom

Just like other bedrooms, to create a different look and vibe, use wallpaper that you like as the background of the bed.  A good placement of the wallpaper can also affect the atmosphere of the room. In other words, whether the wallpaper with bright or dim color, if it’s placed near the lighting source, it can look more standout.

Attic Bedroom Ideas: Relaxing Scandinavian Style

Attic Bedroom Ideas: Relaxing Scandinavian Style

Other than the minimalist design, there’s the Scandinavian style that also represents minimalism. This concept usually uses neutral shades with wood elements to make it looks even warmer. Just like this idea, the bedroom is filled with neutral and earthy colors from the furniture and rug.

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Attic Bedroom Ideas 6


Attic Bedroom Ideas 7


Attic Bedroom Ideas 8


Attic Bedroom Ideas 9


Attic Bedroom Ideas 10

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Keep scrolling down for more cozy attic bedroom ideas that will mesmerize you!

Attic Bedroom Ideas 11


Attic Bedroom Ideas 12


Attic Bedroom Ideas 13


Attic Bedroom Ideas 14


Attic Bedroom Ideas 15


Attic Bedroom Ideas 16

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Attic Bedroom Ideas 17


Attic Bedroom Ideas 18


Attic Bedroom Ideas 19


Attic Bedroom Ideas 20


Attic Bedroom Ideas 21


Attic Bedroom Ideas 22

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Some homeowners might prefer a spacious room than the one in the attic. However, it can also be your secret area to get extra comfort and refresh both your mind and body. Lighting and air circulation are important things that you need for an attic bedroom.

So, all you have to do now is choosing the attic bedroom idea that suits your taste and bring your stuff to the attic immediately!

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