Minimalist Bathroom Ideas: 10+ Inspiring Designs to Use

There are a bunch of captivating designs that can improve the look of your house and one of them is the minimalist design. This design is still popular among so many updated and modern decor trends. Using a minimalist concept gives elegance and simplicity without opting out of the function of the room itself. Also, this design is suitable for all the rooms in your house, including a bathroom.

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To give you a look at how to decorate a bathroom with a minimalist design, we’ve compiled some below for you!

Best Minimalist Bathroom Ideas

Minimalist Bathroom Ideas: Simple Neutral Shade

Minimalist Bathroom Ideas 1

This idea is suitable for both a restroom and a shower area. The combination of concrete, wood, and sleek vanity gives the industrial style that makes this bathroom looks brighter.

Minimalist Bathroom Ideas: Stunning All-White

Minimalist Bathroom Ideas 2

An all-white concept may look too mainstream for some people but it’s still popular because it can make a narrow area looks wider and more spacious. To make it looks more decorative, use patterns to decorate one side of the wall.

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Minimalist Bathroom Ideas: Outstanding Huge Mirror

Minimalist Bathroom Ideas 3

Adding a big mirror with a subtle black accent frame can be a good idea to make the bathroom looks brighter. A simple arrangement of the bathtub, toilet, and vanity is also perfect to create a minimalist style.

Minimalist Bathroom Ideas: Eye-Catching Decorative Floor

Minimalist Bathroom Ideas 4

For people who want to make their bathroom looks more eye-catching with a single statement, these black hexagonal tiles are one of the best options to consider.

Minimalist Bathroom Ideas: Simply Attractive Look

Minimalist Bathroom Ideas 5

If a plain layout is too boring, try combining tiles with patterns for the wall and floor. In the wet area, you can place a bathtub and shower, and use a partition to divide it with the dry area.

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Minimalist Bathroom Ideas: All-White Concept

Minimalist Bathroom Ideas 6

As soon as you open the door, the all-white decor welcomes you. The glass partition and stainless steel make the room look and feel brighter and breezy.

Minimalist Bathroom Ideas: Elegant Marble Accent

Minimalist Bathroom Ideas 7

We can’t deny that marble is one of the materials that can make any room becomes more elegant and look luxurious. Just like this idea, use marble for the wall of the wet area next to the window so it helps to reflect the light too.

Minimalist Bathroom Ideas: Dazzling Simple Layout

Minimalist Bathroom Ideas 8

Combining patterns and accents can be a simple way to make a room looks more dimensional. Grey tiles, white, and black-framed partition become the focal point in this modern minimalist bathroom.

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Minimalist Bathroom Ideas: Fresh Modern Rustic

Minimalist Bathroom Ideas 9

If you love a rustic concept but in a modern way, you might love this one. The combination of neutral shades and natural elements from the greeneries and wood go really with each other.

Minimalist Bathroom Ideas: Captivating Contemporary Decor

Minimalist Bathroom Ideas 10

Here’s another idea that you can use to create a modern bathroom with accents that come from tiles. For an alcove bathtub with a high shower, try to install a high partition so it protects the wet area well.

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Just pick the idea that suits your taste and needs and start mixing it with your own style for your own bathroom!

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