Kitchen Design Ideas: 10+ Inspiring Styles for Your Dream Kitchen

Every homeowner definitely has their own dream house that represents their style and personality so it’s understandable that they want to make it come true. From choosing the decorating style, materials, colors, layout, and even small details like decor items. There are tons of designs out there that you can choose to make your kitchen looks mesmerizing.

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As your reference, we have collected our best picks of kitchen design ideas that might suit your dream design.

Best Kitchen Design Ideas

Kitchen Design Ideas: Sleek Scandinavian Look

Kitchen Design Ideas 1

For those who love a cool all-white look, the Scandinavian concept is a perfect choice to keep your kitchen looking bright all day. It also helps the overall look become neater due to its simplicity.

Kitchen Design Ideas: Lovely Vintage Vibe

Kitchen Design Ideas 2

This kitchen looks so lovely with pastel light blue cabinets and wood elements that come from the floor and kitchen island. The combination of each material blends so well with each other.

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Kitchen Design Ideas: Chic Midcentury Decor

Kitchen Design Ideas 3

When it comes to choosing a kitchen color, it’s just as important as other elements. The soft light blue cabinetry helps to brighten up the kitchen but still looks elegant as well.

Kitchen Design Ideas: Simple Black and White

Kitchen Design Ideas 4

The black and white concept in this kitchen creates a minimalist finish that will never fail you to get you a neat and clutter-free overall look from the cabinetry to the layout.

Kitchen Design Ideas: Open Galley Kitchen

Kitchen Design Ideas 5

Decorating a galley kitchen can be quite tricky but using this inspiration can brighten up the whole area not only the kitchen but also the dining nook. It can be either simple windows or sliding doors.

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Kitchen Design Ideas: Minimalist Petite Kitchen

Kitchen Design Ideas 6

An open-plan kitchen in this small house still looks lovely with its simple L-shaped layout. To provide more organization and storage, use the window shade or floating shelves.

Kitchen Design Ideas: Unique Rustic Decor

Kitchen Design Ideas 7

This rustic farmhouse kitchen with exposed brick walls and floating open shelves look perfect and match each other. Of course, to get an exposed brick wall accent, you can use real bricks, panels, or wallpaper.

Kitchen Design Ideas: Modern Farmhouse Concept

Kitchen Design Ideas 8

Wood is one of the best versatile materials that match any decor style and color. Those who want to get a modern farmhouse kitchen, try to mix it with a sleek material like marble, tiles, or granite.

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Kitchen Design Ideas: Elegant Modern Decor

Kitchen Design Ideas 9

The simplicity and minimalism in this kitchen give an elegant overall finish with the sleek kitchen island, and tiles backsplash but also looks softer with the rattan dining chairs.

Kitchen Design Ideas: Bright Open Plan

Kitchen Design Ideas 10

Using an open plan kitchen is not only for a small house but also if you want to create a wider illusion between each room. Especially if it’s filled with neutral shades like white and wood accents.

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Those are some kitchen designs that might inspire you to bring your dream kitchen comes true!

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