4 Tips On How to Choose the Right Inflatable Hot Tub

Choosing an inflatable hot tub can be a good deal if you want to have an affordable hydrotherapy feature. It’s also a perfect choice if you have a small house with limited space. An inflatable hot tub allows you to unfold and pack it everywhere you want and of course, is small-space friendly. If you’re not ready for the luxury and pricey jacuzzi, you would want to consider getting an inflatable one.

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If you’re currently looking for this type of hot tub, we have some tips that you can use as consideration.

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How to Choose Inflatable Hot Tub

Brand Research

If you’re new to something that you have never done before, it could be overwhelming to choose the perfect one. First thing first, do some research on each brand that sells inflatable tubs. This includes watching or reading users’ reviews, prices, and features given.

You can find dozens of companies that offer all types of tubs with futuristic features at a low price but you don’t know about the quality. Basically, you can find the tub in any price range but the most important step is to do research, especially if you are not familiar with a hot tub manufacturer.

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The Right Size

Finding the right size is also important to make sure that it makes your needs. Some points that you can ask yourself before purchasing a tub are:

  • How many people will use the tub?
  • How many people can fit inside the tub?
  • What is the dimension and depth of the tub? This one is to ensure the comfort of the users.
  • How or what is the purpose of the tub? Is it for relaxing, personal use, or partying?

Once you’ve filtered these points, you can start narrowing down the option and focus on the one that fits your needs.

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Price Range

Here we come to the topic that becomes the base of every purchase which is budgeting. If you have a set budget, then find the one within that range.

In general, there are three price ranges of inflatable hot tubs which are budget types (around $300), mid-range ($500), and luxury ($1,000). A luxury type is indeed the best one but it doesn’t mean that the budget one is bad. Though some budget ones might not be too sturdy and limited features, you can still consider them.

The cost consideration is not limited only when purchasing the tub but also to the cost of energy, water, and maintenance supplies/tools.

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Additional Feature

Your relaxing time will be perfect with a massage feature to loosen your fatigue. If this is one of your dream features of a hot tub, then you can choose the one with more bubble jet holes. The more bubble jet holes that a hot tub has, the more powerful it will be.

So, those are some tips on how to choose an inflatable hot tub. We hope these tips help and happy shopping!

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