5 Tips On How To Choose a Good Backyard Fence

How To Choose a Good Backyard Fence 6

Which homeowner doesn’t want to install a fence in their houses? Even a simple one can be very useful to protect the surrounding of their home. The fence is one of the home decorating features that every homeowner wants to have. Sometimes, choosing a perfect fence can be very confusing because there are tons of styles, shapes, designs, and materials out there that you can choose from.

Of course, each style and material has its own unique point that can affect the overall look of the house itself. Just because it’s the back part of your house, there’s nothing wrong with installing a beautiful fence, especially if you use your backyard for a party, barbecue, or there’s a sitting area. If you’re not sure what kind of fence to install in the backyard, we got your back!

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We’ve prepared some tips on how to choose a perfect backyard fence just for you down below, so just keep reading.

1. Budgeting

How To Choose a Good Backyard Fence 5

The first thing first is definitely budgeting. Making a plan for every feature in your home is very important so you will not be spending much on something that you don’t really need. When it comes to installing a fence, some things that you have to consider are:

  • What material will I choose for the fence?
    – This will definitely affect the price of the product overall.
  • How much does it cost to buy?
    – Again, each material has its own pros, cons, and market that you have to think carefully.
  • How much does it cost to install?
    – If the fence is made of materials that you can install by yourself, you will be able to save more for other stuff.
  • Do I need to hire a professional?
    – However, if you need professional help, you have to account for this as well in your budgeting plan.
  • How much does it cost to maintain?
    – Some materials might need regular maintenance to keep it looks clean and ‘new’ and the process might need some chemical products to use.

2. Your Needs

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Yes, the purpose of installing a fence is because you want to based on your needs, not just because you want to. It means that you don’t want to spend more money on a fence that you don’t really need. Prioritize your needs based on these points:

  • Security: It means that you need something to protect your children and pets and prevent them from going outside. For this purpose, you will need a fence that is made of sturdy materials with proper height and tight space between each board.
  • Privacy: This purpose is usually if you have an outdoor hot tub or swimming pool so you want to make sure it’s free from unwanted sight from outside. For this one, you will have to choose a complete solid fence that has no space between boards.
  • Aesthetic: Last but not least, you just simply want a fence that works as a protection feature but also looks attractive. This fence style has tons of options that you can choose from with various designs and prices.

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3. Materials

How To Choose a Good Backyard Fence 1

As mentioned above that each material has its own characteristics, pros, and cons that will affect the overall look and how to maintain it. There are various common materials that are often used for a fence:

  • Wood: This is the most versatile material that you can choose to use in your backyard. Not only because it’s quite affordable also it lets you decorate the way you want from height, style, and size. Wood is also a material that you can install by yourself so you don’t have to spend an extra budget on hiring a professional. It also gives a natural finish that will match the outdoor ambiance.
  • Metal: The popular fence that is made of metal is a chain-link fence. This type of fence is suitable for homeowners who have pets and want to keep them inside. A chain-link fence is also affordable and easy to install. The other types of metal fencings are wrought and cast iron that might need help from professionals.
  • PVC or Vinyl: Another common fence material that becomes popular among many homeowners is PVC or vinyl. It provides various styles and colors that you can match the general concept of your home. As its name suggests, this fence is made of plastic so if you need something strong and sturdy, you might need something else.

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4. Maintenance

How To Choose a Good Backyard Fence 7

The maintenance of the fence is important to keep it clean or to keep its ‘like-new’ face. Based on the point above, you might want to keep in mind how to maintain each material:

  • Wood. Yes, wood can be materials that are quite affordable and easy to install but you have to make sure that it needs regular maintenance for about 2-3 years to apply new stain or repaint. If you’re planning to use wood for your backyard fencing, you need to plan the budget for this process as well.
  • Metal. Metal fencing is basically a maintenance-free, sturdy, and long-lasting material. You don’t have to restain or repaint it. Since it’s made of metal, the only problem that it might face is rust. Of course, you can either sand or repaint it if you want but it will also become another maintenance issues,
  • Vinyl. As for vinyl, just like metal, it doesn’t really need regular maintenance, will not rust nor rot. However, since it’s a quite hollow material, you might want to consider the cost of reparation if it breaks or cracks by active children, pets, or bad weather.

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5. Matching Style

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Last but not least is to choose a fence that matches your home style. Well, it’s definitely your choice to choose a fence style, however, we would love to recommend the one that enhances the design of your home. For example, for a classic traditional design, it would look good with a brick or wrought iron fence. Meanwhile, a contemporary home could look more stunning with a vinyl or wood fencing.

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So, those are some quick guides that might help you to choose the right fence for your backyard. Although a backyard is an area behind your home, you can still install a beautiful one to make it looks more stunning. Please make sure that you choose the one based on your budget, needs, and your ability to maintain its color and shape.

We hope that this helps and happy shopping for your new fence!

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