Bathroom Design Ideas: 10+ Exhilarating Inspiration to Steal Now

Choosing a particular interior design will determine the final look of your home so it’s very important to choose the best one that represents your taste and personality. We are sure that everyone wants to bring their inner personality into any room in their home, even to an area that people can’t see directly like a bathroom.

It may look like something simple but when it comes to your personal space, you have to make it as relaxing as possible. There are a few factors that will determine the mood of a room from paint colors, materials, decor items, and other features.

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Below we have prepared ten beautiful bathroom design ideas that you can use as an ultimate reference for your dream bathroom!

Best Bathroom Design Ideas

Bathroom Design Ideas: Simple Decorative Look

Bathroom Design Ideas 1

The black hexagonal tiles for the shower area make a unique and outstanding look. You might want to copy this idea to create a distinctive feel of monochromatic style. The black tiles make a simple yet decorative function so it looks less plain. To make the shower booth looks brighter, provide it with enough lighting source either from lamps or natural sunlight.

Bathroom Design Ideas: Stylish Industrial Farmhouse

Bathroom Design Ideas 2

A modern farmhouse bathroom that is dominated by monochromatic shades and wood materials addition. The shower area itself is built slightly higher than the dry area so it’s suitable for people who want to keep the dry area stays dry. On the other side, the concrete sink brings an industrial design that also matches the other elements like brick walls and a steel black frame.

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Bathroom Design Ideas: Striking Minimalist Design

Bathroom Design Ideas 3

Making a unique style can be a point plus that will make your bathroom looks more attractive. Just like this bathroom, it’s covered in black hexagonal tiles for the floor and the sitting bench. Using black and white tiles in a unique shape or outer lining can add a decorative look that is not too much. If it’s too dark, bring in a few natural elements like wood or indoor plants for a fresher vibe.

Bathroom Design Ideas: Stunning Vintage Ambiance

Bathroom Design Ideas 4

The black freestanding bathtub and tiles domination gives a modern vintage vibe. A sleek matching sink with black-framed mirrors enhances the minimalism this bathroom radiates. Again, tiles with visible outer lining help the area look more decorative. This is a good subtle accent for people who don’t like bold patterns.

Bathroom Design Ideas: Captivating Small Bathroom

Bathroom Design Ideas 5

Having a small bathroom doesn’t mean that you can’t have a snatching look. Even without a bathtub, this bathroom looks elegant thanks to the combination of colors, accents, and layout. If your bathroom is small, you can simply have a simple walk-in shower booth. The pattern of the tiles for the shower booth and dry area brings a decorative look. Then make it stands out with some gold accents for the shower, vanity base, lighting, and divider lining frame.

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Bathroom Design Ideas: Lovely Decorative Look

Bathroom Design Ideas 6

For those who love pattern mix-matching, this idea can be a good inspiration to start with. Combining patterned tiles with a rug looks somehow perfect and becomes more eye-catching. The way how the bathtub has its own area is also a good way to make it looks eye-catching. To balance the accents, use plain tiles in white or other solid colors for the wall.

Bathroom Design Ideas: Earthy Rustic Farmhouse

Bathroom Design Ideas 7

This is a perfect inspiration by combining two different designs with the same base natural elements. This bathroom gives an elegant and modern rustic farmhouse that comes from the wooden floor, vanity, pendant lighting, and exposed brick walls. The white surroundings really match well with all the natural elements. The raw natural wood and exposed bricks really warm the space even more.

Bathroom Design Ideas: Breathtaking Contemporary Design

Bathroom Design Ideas 8

This stylish contemporary bathroom has all the classic and modern elements that suit a modern house. Instead of using the regular wall style, try this breathtaking wood slate to make your bathroom becomes more luxurious. The rock base for the bathtub looks eye-catching and unique but still goes perfectly with the overall concept. To give an elegant look, add soft lighting fixtures to help illuminate this space and become softer.

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Bathroom Design Ideas: Simple Nautical Decor

Bathroom Design Ideas 9

Although this bathroom looks small, it still looks attractive by the design and layout of the bathtub, shower area, and materials. Here’s another idea to make a small bathroom look distinctive. The mix of blue tiles for the shower booth, marble tiles, and solid light gray is a great textbook for those who love using various patterns or accents.

Bathroom Design Ideas: Warm Scandinavian Vibe

Bathroom Design Ideas 10

Are you a fan of Scandinavian decorating style? This decorating style is always about soft, warm, neutral, and earthy shades. Another characteristic of Scandinavian design is its functional purpose. Just as you can see in this image, even a small round bathtub doesn’t make the function of the bathroom less functional. So you may want to consider this option if you still want to have a bathtub in a small bathroom.

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Choosing a certain interior decorating style can be tricky and confusing since there are a lot of options out there you can choose from. However, it’s also possible to combine two or three decorating styles in one place so it creates a unique overall look. Of course, based on your preference, you can bring only the key point from each concept and mix-match them beautifully.

Although a bathroom is a ‘hidden’ area that people can’t see directly, it’s still worth decorating it based on your taste. So, those are some bathroom design ideas that you can use as a reference if you’re planning to decorate, remodel, or renovate your current bathroom. Now, grab your notebook and start building your dream bathroom right now!

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